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The initial step for reading WikiMANNia are the theme portals and the main page:


As an initial step for creating a new article in WikiMANNia, the following templates are available:

To edit an existing article in WikiMANNia, following guidelines are useful:

Special Details

Links to external websites
If there are brackets in a link, it may be necessary to replace "[" (by "%5B") and "]" (by "%5D"). A space in a link must be replaced with "%20", a quote by "%22".
Links to specific wiki pages
Links to the category namespace, or to a file are done with a leading colon, as in the style of [[:Category:Title of the Category]] respectively [[:File:Filename with postfix]].
Automatic redirect
A redirect is done with the command #REDIRECT .
Embedding a Flash Video
Code to embed a movie: <VideoFlv width="360" height="270"></VideoFlv>

Working Aids

To download Videos (for securing them to prevent their loss)