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[Edit] Documentation

This Template[wp] shows a documentation box, as you can see right now. It includes the text of the subpage [[<Pagename>/doc]].

This template should be used for all templates.

The reason

The separation of programming code and documentation makes the source code more readable and, more important, releases work from the parser: On each page view, the whole text of the template is freshly evaluated, again and again - including the documentation, which is at last left out anyway. In spite of this, <noinclude>s are evaluated before the real includes, so you can drastically reduce the "Pre-expand include size", if you move the documentations into subpages. That's why the description always should be ausgelagert from the template proper. By this way, the use of more templates per article page is enabled.

How to use

This Template does not expect any parameters. It is sufficient if you put <noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude> at the end of a template and create the documentation page [[<Pagename>/doc]]. A subpage named /meta may contain the metadata for this template (please read the section Noteworthy about this), otherwise these can be put between the "noinclude"-tags at the end of the template. The metadata include the categories[wp] and interwiki links[wp]. After creating the documentation, advices for creating are provided (preload).

In the subpages, the following codelines ensure the reference

/doc <noinclude>{{Documentation/docpage}}</noinclude>
/meta <noinclude>{{Documentation/metapage}}</noinclude><includeonly> … Meta … </includeonly>
/test <noinclude>{{Documentation/testpage}}</noinclude>
/maintenance <noinclude>{{Documentation/maintenancepage}}</noinclude>
/print <noinclude>{{Documentation/printversion}}</noinclude>
/editnotice <noinclude>{{Documentation/editnoticepage}}</noinclude>
/subpage <noinclude>{{Documentation/subpage}}</noinclude>


If the template is located in the user namespace, the metadata won't be included, and neither the template nor the subpage are sorted into categories.


Such a subpage is most of all supposed to be for locked pages, which couldn't be interwiki-fied otherwise.
If the template has an XML description (besides the documentation) for the Template master, an advice about this is shown.
If there should be a maintenance page for the template, an advice is shown too.
An advice is also shown for test subpages.
A special version of the template, which is used together with the Book tool.
A special advice, which is shown while editing.

Create subpages

If you activate the MediaWiki:Gadget-Personendaten in the preferences, you'll get it displayed on template pages with documentation links for the easier creation / editing of the subpages.

If you have questions about this Template[wp], you may ask the Template workshop[wp].