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Documentation's subpage This page is a subtemplate of Template:MyBBoardForum.

[Edit] Documentation

For a given mode and a key this template returns the predata (the text before) a forum link.




Parameter No Comment
1 mode (indicate the variants for the text before before the forum topic:
  1. short = no text,
  2. link = Forum name with link,
  3. default= Forum name without a link.)
2 key (indicates the forum:
  • getting the name of the forum
  • and (in variant #3) the link to the main page.)


{{MyBBoardForum/Predata|short|tfaq-1}} ..........



{{MyBBoardForum/Predata|normal|tfaq-1}} ..........


TrennungsFAQ-Forum:  ..........

{{MyBBoardForum/Predata|link|tfaq-1}} ..........


TrennungsFAQ-Forum:  ..........

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If you have questions about this Template[wp], you may ask the Template workshop[wp].

| short = | kurz = (no text) - this option is selected if more posts are to be consecutively linked.
| link = Unkown forum: - The real name of the forum is highlighted with a link to the home page.
| #default = Unkown forum: - The real name of the forum is displayed (without link).