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Help-StartWikiMANNia → Rules

These rules are mandatory for the authors of this Wiki!

Concentrate on the essentials!

Don't enter off-topic information here. Long off-topic text passages should be cut out.

Articles should contain concentrated information for Men's Rights Activists. Copying whole pages from Wikipedia doesn't make sense and should be avoided. Relevant text passages may be copy/pasted, or you can add a link to them. Empty articles which don't contain information relevant to the topic are to be avoided and may be deleted.

Write objectively!

Our topics are very controversial. Even if you can't stand feminists, don't distort or ridicule their side. This would make this wiki less effective. Keep your edits objective and mention explicitly if something's just an interpretation.

Mention your sources!

Articles without sources mentioned may be deleted in the long run.

Avoid redundancies!

Because if one page with redundant information was updated, there'd be two different versions suddenly.

Good understandable English!

You should write articles in a good and understandable English (considering orthography and grammar). A well phrased style as it is used in better newspapers is a good orientation.

Structure your texts!

Paragraphs and sub-headings facilitate reading. Long unstructured texts may be deleted in the long run.

Special characters

Special characters often lead to problems when copy/pasting content from the wiki to other media, like internet fora. That's why you should avoid special characters in WikiMANNia.

This especially means:

  • Simple "quotes" instead of „special quotation mark glyphs“.
  • Minus (-) instead of a hyphen (–).
  • Three full stops (...) instead of an ellipsis (…) for omitted text.

First learn the ropes, then get started! - Rules for beginners

It's important for beginners in WikiMANNia to inform themselves how we work here.

Start with few articles!

Beginners should concentrate their work on FEW articles. Too many mistakes scattered over the whole wiki means additional work for us which we can't afford yet. When you'll have stayed here for a while and we can rate your work and how well it fits with our policy, this constraint falls away.

Don't create new articles!

Beginners aren't allowed to create new articles (Exception: Wanted Articles). The WikiMANNia covers a certain area of interest. There are core articles (e.g. Domestic violence, Child custody) which are unarguably a topic for Men's Rights Activists / Antifeminists, but also "satellite articles" which are more ambiguous. The wiki shouldn't be "watered down" with off-topic articles, and general topics shouldn't be split up into too many confusing special articles too hastily. If you have the opinion that we really need one certain article, you can always ask an administrator.

Don't change the structure!

Changing the structure is allowed only to very experienced editors who know WikiMANNia really well. This covers changes of disambiguation pages, the navigation menu (e.g. Main Page -> Woman -> Feminism -> Critique of feminism -> Antifeminism) and categories.