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Use: Please attach this template with {{subst:Project pages}}, so that the content of the template is copied to the page!

In the absence of text replacement, the original function can be disturbed, so that for example the template {{Redundancy}} the next day shows the wrong date. By substituting also welcome templates act not so much by machine. Substituted templates are not exposed to subsequent changes in the template and confuse newbies less than by a direct integration. In addition, automatic signatures or other "subst"ituted parameter to function.

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Project pages:

Tasklist: (edit)

1# Step - To be well presented
  1. Main Page (done)
  2. WikiMANNia (done)
  3. Topics A - Z
  4. A Voice for Men
  5. Paul Elam
  6. ...
2# Step - To be translated into good english
  1. de:WikiMANNiaWikiMANNia (translation/last change: done, approval: open, transferred: pending)
  2. de:Wieviel "Gleichberechtigung" verträgt das Land?Wieviel "Gleichberechtigung" verträgt das Land? (translation/last change: pending)
  3. de:HelferinnenindustrieHelper industry (translation/last change: pending)
  4. de:OpferkulturVictim culture (translation/last change: pending)
  5. de:FalschbeschuldigungFalse accusation (translation/last change: pending)
  6. de:FamilienzerstörungFamily destruction (translation/last change: pending)
  7. de:Die Familie und ihre ZerstörerDie Familie und ihre Zerstörer (translation/last change: The family and its destroyers, approval: open, transferred: pending)
  8. de:Gemeinsames SorgerechtJoint custody (translation/last change: pending)
  9. de:FlickwerkfamiliePatchwork family (translation/last change: pending)
  10. de:KonkubinatConcubinage (translation/last change: pending)
  11. de:Kuckuckskindmilkman's child (translation/last change: mailman's child, approval: open, transferred: pending)
  12. de:KuckucksvaterBlogKuckucksvaterBlog (translation/last change: The Milkman's Child, approval: open, transferred: pending)
  13. de:VerwandtschaftKinship (translation/last change: pending)
  14. de:Eckpunkte der FeminismuskritikKey points of critique of feminism (translation/last change: pending)
  15. de:Feministischer DekalogFeminist Decalogue (translation/last change: pending)
  16. de:GenitalverstümmelungGenital Mutilation (translation/last change: pending)
  17. de:FrauenbevorzugungFavoritism towards women (translation/last change: pending)
  18. de:MännerbenachteiligungDiscrimination against men (translation/last change: pending)
  19. de:Die Geschichte des GenderismusThe History of Genderism (translation/last change: pending)
  20. de:Die Geschichte der Politischen KorrektheitThe History of Political Correctness (translation/last change: from Youtube-Video, approval: open, transferred: pending)
  21. de:Linke IdeologieLeft-wing ideology (translation/last change: pending)
  22. de:Lila PudelPurple poodle (translation/last change: done, approval: open, transferred: pending)