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Antifeminism Worldwide

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Antifeminism Worldwide
Description Website
Slogan Sweep Feminism into the Dustbin of History
Available language(s) de, en, es, fr, ru
Launched April 23, 2011
Current status inactive
More info
Software WordPress
Created by N.N.
URL antifeminism-worldwide.org (archived)

Antifeminism Worldwide (Antifeminismus Weltweit, Antifeminismo Mundial, Antiféminisme Mondial, Antifemminismo Mondiale) is an initiative to promote critique of feminism and organize resistance against the ideology of feminism.

Antifeminism Worldwide - Section Germany was founded on 4 April 2011 as "Interest Group Antifeminism Germany" (IGAFD)[1], later renamed into Antifeminism Worldwide - Section Germany[2] restoring into consciousness that feminism is a global problem, not an national problem. Therefore antifeminism has to encounter also on global level, not only national level.

Antifeminism Worldwide is an invitation to start a worldwide movement against feminism ideology, not female persons.

Logos and texts are available in the languages German, English, Spanish, French and Russian.

The group at the moment (Feb. 2014) is not active.


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