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Branch swinging

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Branch swinging or vine swinging is when women let go of a relationship with one man after getting a firm grip on the next. Attractive women are rarely single, and tend to go directly from one man to the next because they have new guys lined up already. While they're with any given guy, they may be constantly watching for better options. Once the upgrade has been secured, the current man is disposable.

Given many women's openness to branch swing, they may use the boyfriend objection[kw] (or husband objection) more as a shit test[kw] than as a way of definitively shutting down any prospect of a guy's getting her to leave her current guy for him.

darkjohanson suggests that after a breakup, "Remember that she is on the next one already"; "Much like monkeys, women never swing from a branch without holding onto another one."[1]

Branch swinging is female hypergamy put into action through the utilization of instinctually and evolutionarily inbuilt proclivity towards strategic pluralism. In practise, this means that the branchswinger will seek out a male either for his ability to provide resources, or his ability to inseminate her with "higher-quality" genes.[2]


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