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Description Weblog
Available language(s) German
Launched February 2, 2009
Current status active
More info
Software WordPress
Owner Cristina Luca
URL femokratie.com
Twitter @FemokratieBlog

FemokratieBlog is a blog of ChrisTine. Since 2 February 2009 she reporting about the femocratic Republic on feminist bureaucracy, favoritism towards women, discrimination against men and gender-delusion.[1] Soon the FemokratieBlog became the main source of news in the gender discourse. Beside to current news on politics and law the blog has also pertinent comments.

Quote: «Our democracy is gradually developing to Femocracy: Again and again, women are preferred by political institutions of our society, but men and boys disadvantaged. Unfortunately, our media report hardly or not at all about it. I therefore would like to take over this task with this blog. Here I present the latest news from German ministries and courts together, for example, to a discrimination result of fathers or hurt the families.»[2]


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