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Free woman

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A Free Woman is a woman who is not Kajira, i.e. not enslaved. In many cities, free women can only move in veiled form and need personal protection on larger journeys. Often they are only allowed to talk to relatives and Free Companions.[1] Many Free Women of the High Caste are raised isolated from the public in so-called High Gardens.[2]


Quote: «The power of free women, of course, rests ultimately on the might of men. Were it not for men, free women would be as powerless as slave girls[3][4]
Quote: «She saw, occasionally, among the crowds, a free woman, robed and veiled. How proudly, how serenely, they moved. How she envied them their freedom! They were free! They could come and go as they pleased. [...]

Lastly it might be mentioned that it is traumatic for a Gorean woman, when captured, to be unveiled. "Remove her veil" is a command she dreads to hear, one which strikes with fear and misery to the heart of her being. The vulgar expression for this is "face-stripping."»[5][6]

Quote: «Perhaps a free woman flings herself to her knees, before the reddened sword of a helmeted enemy, ready to strike, drunk with the lust of killing and looting. The blade is poised. She throws back her hood and tears away her veils, and her mouth is exposed to the conqueror. "La kajira!" she cries. "I am a slave girl!" This formula, once spoken, is irrevocable. She is then a self-pronounced slave. A quick, abrupt gesture of the sword and she must disrobe, immediately, completely. Her hands are then tied behind her, and she must hurry behind her captor, struggling to keep up, later to be penned with other slaves amongst whom, as she lacks the brand and collar, she is unlikely to be well treated.»[7][6]


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