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The Good Men Project

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The Good Men Project
Description Website
Available language(s) English
Launched 2009
Current status active
More info
Created by Tom Matlack[wp]
James Houghton

The Good Men Project was founded in 2009 by Tom Matlack[wp] and James Houghton as a way to allow men to tell stories about the defining moments in their lives. The hope was to spark a "national conversation" around the question of "What does it mean to be a good man?" [1]

According to the organization, The Good Men Project is an effort to build and sustain a national discussion about being a good father, son, husband, partner, and worker in America today.

Gender studies professor and writer Hugo Schwyzer[wp] also has been a contributor to the organization.[2][3] Schwyzer has been described as a male feminist.[4]

Quote: «The Good Men Project is an example of a mangina community.»[5][6]

Roosh[kw] has called it the "Good Mangina Project".[7][8]


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