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This is not the real "Article of the Day" for the coming Sunday!

This template is (at the moment) included on the Main Page and can be edited by Administrators only. If you'd like to change the Article of the Day, please edit the discussion page or requests to administrators for discussion.

In case you're updating this Template, please

  • enter the corresponding proposal from the Proposal Page here. Keep current changes in mind and if possible, don't use any templates.
  • use the Preview of tomorrow Main Page. Take care that the right and left columns have about equal height (depends on the width of your browser's window).

Once the Article is included as AotD on the Main Page,

  • add it to the Chronology.
  • remove all the formatting of the Article on the corresponding administration page (for Excellent, for Worth reading) and also add the Date there.
  • don't change the recent AotD, but only updates for the coming week.

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