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Weblinks (english)

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Australian Men's Rights Association Inc (AMRA)
Men's Rights Agency


Fathers for Justice Québec
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Everyman - The World Changes When We Do
Place a resumen of content here - Advocation for the Rigths of Men & Boys (Vancouver, B.C.)
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Antifeminism Worldwide,
Sweep feminism into the Dustbin of History
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Great Britain

The Rights of Man,
The UK's leading website for raising issues about gender discrimination and sexual discrimination against men
Man Woman Myth
ditto, with original video materials)
victims of female-on-male domestic violence
paternal access to children following relationship breakdowns
Brighton Man Plan
supporting men and boys in the Brighton area
Fighting Feminism
The blog of The Anti-Feminism League
Fathers 4 Justice,
Fathers' rights organisation in the United Kingdom
Mainly politically and public relations orientated group
German Section: Väter für Gerechtigkeit
Angry Harry,
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It's not your fault
Practical info for children, young people and parents going through a family break up.
Fathers for Life
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Domestic Violence Against Men
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The False Rape Society
Blog: Giving voice to the men and women harmed by false rape accusations
Men's Issues: Men's Voices Magazine
Promoting Fairness, Equality & Parity for both parents


Save Indian Family Foundation,
What is Feminism? What are Women's Organisations?


A Voice for Men (Paul Elam),
Blogtalkradio about Mens Rights news & activism
Offering information, perspective, and most importantly direction for men living in the age of virulent misandry.
The Spearhead (W.F. Price),
MRM weblog started by W.F. Price in september 2009
National Coalition for Men (NCFM),
Website of the longest running men's human rights organisation in the US (founded in 1977).
American Coalition of Fathers and Children (ACFC),
Slogan: Children Need Both Parents (founded in 1996)
Fathers 4 Justice (USA),
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The Men's Legal Center
Men's Family Law & Divorce Attorneys San Diego
Marc E. Angelucci, Esq., National Coalition of Free Men
Ladies Against Feminism (LAF)
Ladies Against Feminism was founded in 2002 as a way to publish thoughtful, biblical responses to feminism and to encourage other women in their God-given roles.
Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW),
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Combatting Feminist Ms-Information
A webpage scientifically debunking the most common feminist myths.
Dads America
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False Allegations of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, or Rape of Child
How to Defend Against Them
Mens' News Daily
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Theory of Feminism, Male Sexuality, Men's Rights
Anti Misandry,
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Men's Rights News & Info
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Fathers for Justice Nederland
description needed


Interest Group Antifeminism (IGAF)
First german speaking pressure group against feminism in Europe.
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The Good Men Project
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Foundation for Male studies
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Men's Issues: Men's Voices Magazine

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