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CIBA Symposium

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The CIBA Symposium is a conference with the topic "Man and his Future", held in London from 26 to 30 November 1962 at the invitation of the CIBA Foundation, the Foundation of the eponymous Swiss pharmaceutical company.

At the symposium, the elite were gathered together from genetics and evolutionary theory, medicine and biochemistry in total, including five Nobel laureates, Herman J. Muller[wp], Joshua Lederberg[wp], Francis Crick[wp], Peter Medawar[wp] und Albert Szent-Györgyi[wp], and finally two great "elder statesmen of science", Julian Huxley[wp] and J. B. S. Haldane[wp], to discuss the future of man. It has been referenced in 16 lectures on various eugenic[wp] priorities, such as population growth, food production, the structure of society, the development of medicine and behavior control.

This infamous Conference of the CIBA Foundation serves as the official international resumption of eugenic[wp] debate after the Second World War.[1]

Ciba Foundation

The Ciba Foundation was a scientific and educational charity, formed in 1949 by the Swiss company Ciba[wp], now Novartis[wp], and dissolved in 2008. The direct successor is Novartis Foundation[wp] reflected the new name of Ciba, after merging with Sandoz[wp]. The Foundation was the brainchild of Robert Käppeli, Managing Director (and later President) of Ciba. The purpose of the institution was to promote collaboration in the medical sciences by the organisation of symposia which would allow experts of different fields to share ideas. Symposia took place both at their London premises and also in locations across the globe. Later these discussions were written up by in-house editors and published by John Wiley & Sons, with whom the foundation had a long standing relationship.[2]

The philosophy of the Ciba Foundation was "promoting excellence in science worldwide".[3]


Protocol of the symposium 1962:

Man and his Future, Ciba Foundation Volume, edited by Gordon Wolstenholme, J. & A. Churchill Ltd., London 1963, 410 S., 25 s.


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  • Th. v. Randow: Gespenstische Visionen: Wissenschaftler diskutieren über die Zukunft des Menschen, Die Zeit on 27 September 1963 ("Vom Standpunkt der humanistischen Ethik[wp] aus kann ich nicht einsehen, warum Menschen ohne weiteres das Recht haben sollen, Kinder in die Welt zu setzen", sagte der britische Nobelpreisträger Francis Crick[wp]. - "Es gibt rund eine Million Tonnen überflüssiger Männer allein in diesem Lande", erklärte der Professor für die Physiologie der Vermehrung an der Cambridge-Universität, Alan S. Parkes. - "In weiten Gebieten der Welt ist der Mensch nichts anderes als ein pathogener Keim, eine Krankheit, und ... wenn der Nährboden stirbt, dann stirbt natürlich auch der Krankheitserreger", meinte Herr Glikson, Direktor des israelischen Planungskomitees.)