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Feminist Misandry

Misandry is the hatred of men because of their sex and describes the consideration of males as the inferior sex by both men and women. Misandry comes from Greek misos (μῖσος, "hatred") and anēr, andros (ἀνήρ, gen. ἀνδρός; "man"). It is considered as a form of sexism.

Quote: «Misandry originates as a cultural problem, to be sure, and therefore entails moral problems. In addition, though, it entails emotional and other problems. Though not social scientists, we find it very hard to imagine how any boy can become a healthy young man in such a contaminated cultural environment, just as we find it hard to imagine the analogy for young girls, blacks, gays or those who belong to any other target group. It would be folly, therefore, to ignore feminist ideology, let alone misandry itself, in the interest of political expediency.» - Nathanson, Paul; Young, Katherine K.[wp], Masculine Identity in a Toxic Cultural Environment

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