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The Incel Wiki

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The Incel Wiki
Incel Wiki Logo.png
Description Internet encyclopedia
Slogan A wiki about involuntary celibacy
Available language(s) English (German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew)
Launched July 16th, 2018
Current status active
Number of Articles 1,570 (Effective: Dec 31, 2021)
26 of them taken over
More info
Software MediaWiki
Content license individual per author
Registration optional
Commercial no
Owner various owners
Created by various authors
URL incelwiki.com

The Incel Wiki aims to be a repository of information regarding the manosphere at large, particularly incels. Incel, is an academic sociological term[ext] that is short for and means, 'involuntary celibacy', a life circumstance.

Involuntary celibates are defined on Incel Wiki as being those who for an extended period of time couldn't establish a romantic and/or sexual relationship even after approaching a wide variety of people.[1]

As of October 2020, multiple incel wikis are on webarchive.[2][3]

The site split into two wikis over fights about whether the wiki should be pill-biased or not. The original authors moved to incelwiki.com.

The drama is largely settled, but there will exist two wikis: incelwiki.com being more humorous and lighthearted, and incels.wiki being more evopsych[wp] oriented.

Wiki history

The wiki was created during daily heated arguments the Incel Wiki admins had with Wikipedia admins about the Wikipedia Incel Article in early 2018.[4]

The wiki was Master and William's idea, and was written almost entirely by William, who also admins/owns the wiki, and Thebreeze, the resident poet and awesome writer.[5]

Incelwiki.com emerged from the Great Wiki War of April 2020 as a continuation of incels.info, a now defunct predecessor site to incels.wiki.[4]

This site focuses on incels and the manosphere in general from a lighthearted and memey POV, while incels.wiki reskinned to discourage editing and isn't adding much new content.[4]


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This article based partially on an article Incel Wiki (April 24, 2019) from the free Encyklopedia The Incel Wiki. The The Incel Wiki article is published under an unknown license. In The Incel Wiki is a List of Authors available those who worked on the text before being incorporated in WikiMANNia.