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Pill jargon

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The pill jargon are all the terms with "pill" in them that are widely used in the manosphere and in other non-mainstream parts of the internet culture. Here are the meanings to those pill terms, listed are the most commonly used and accepted expressions, listed in an order indicating a spectrum of the ideologies they represent.

Outside of the manosphere, the red, blue and black pills are used for other things than just dating. The blue pill generally refers to the denial of uncomfortable truths, the red pill refers to the revelation of an uncomfortable truth (as an analogy to the film The Matrix[wp]), and the black pill refers to uncomfortable truths that either nothing can be done about or it would require changes difficult to attain, e.g. large-scale cultural changes.

Within the manosphere, the three pills are more narrowly concerned with social and romantic life, and they represent different tribes or ideologies with differing views on issues like the importance of looks in dating.

  • black pill: a pessimistic extension of the redpill
  • blue pill: a banal viewpoint that leans towards feminism (opposite/antonym of red pill)
  • pink pill[tiw]: female equivalent of the blackpill
  • purple pill[tiw]: non-ideological and neutral viewpoint towards gender relations and the dating scene (on the fence between blue pill and red pill)
  • red pill: the ability to accept unpleasant truths such as gynocentrism and that some men are disadvantaged in the dating scene due to their genes
  • white pill[tiw]:
    a) the ideology based on the maximization of happiness of an individual, by acceptance of his situation
    b) being stoic and ascetic

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