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Calvin peeing on Feminism
Field signs of feminism:
Venus symbol with worker's fist
Jump on him, he is only a mere man.
Science versus Feminist Methods
The Entire Basis of Feminism Summed Up

Feminism (derived from féminisme, from the Latin root word femina = woman) is a collective term for multiple heterogeneous concepts and doctrines, thematizing the rights and privileges of, and favoritism towards women. The term feminism encompasses numerous, sometimes opposing currents.

  1. As a "social movement", Feminism is a ruthless network of narcissistic women and submissive men. It serves as a vehicle for the more vicious of female characteristics such as dubious excuses, false accusations, lies, distortion, distraction, blame denial and evasion. Feminist ideology devalues masculinity and purports to justify the irresponsibility and privileges of women. Feminism is the de-facto canonization of women's egotism!
  2. Biomedically, Feminism is the presence, or the development by training, of female sexual characteristics in male animal (including human) individuals.

Feminism typically promotes favoritism towards women, exploitation of men and family destruction. To achieve these objectives, a distinct lament/complaint culture and victim culture is practiced. Feminism is often characterized by sexism and misandry.



To dogmatics of feminism which belongs immunization against criticism. On the difficulties with critique of feminism heard that both the content discussion on the complexity of the various feminist movements , reference is made ​​to contradict each other in their threads of argument. Thus it can be rejected as an impermissible generalization any criticism.[1]

Zur Dogmatik des Feminismus gehört die Immunisierung gegen Kritik. Zu den Schwierigkeiten bei der Feminismuskritik gehört, dass bei der inhaltlichen Auseinander­setzung auf die Vielschichtigkeit der verschiedenen feministischen Strömungen verwiesen wird, die sich einander in ihren Argumentations­strängen widersprächen. So kann jedwede Kritik als eine unzulässige Verallgemeinerung abgelehnt werden.

The trick of immunization is based on make believe with the different currents in feminism if it were of the same coin are independent argument structures and not only to different pages. For the canon of feminist dogma include the following sentences that are similar dogmas, de facto, are not to be questioned.

Der Trick der Immunisierung beruht darauf, glauben zu machen, bei den verschiedenen Strömungen im Feminismus handele es sich um unabhängige Argumentations­strukturen und nicht nur um verschiedene Seiten ein und derselben Medaille. Zum Kanon der feministische Dogmatik gehören folgende Sätze, die ähnlich Glaubensdogmen, de facto nicht hinterfragbar sind.
Feminist Decalogue
  1. The woman is (per 100 %) the victims.
  2. The man is (per 100 %) the perpetrators.
  3. If the man happens to be not even be the perpetrator, so the woman is still the victim of a victim.
  4. Women are oppressed and disadvantaged from a 5-6000 years old patriarchy.
  5. Therefore, the need to encourage women and the men (and boys) are discriminated "positive". (Follows from 1 and 2)
  6. Marriage and family are institutions patriarchal suppression of women by men. Therefore, marriage and family are to be destroyed.
  7. Each penetration is rape.
  8. All men are rapists, also "the nice one". (Follows from 2 and 7)
  9. There is no false accusations. (Follows from 1)
  10. Female perpetrators get criminal discount from justice/court/judge because women have a harder time in life.[2]
  1. Die Frau ist (zu 100 %) das Opfer.
  2. Der Mann ist (zu 100 %) der Täter.
  3. Sollte der Mann zufälligerweise einmal nicht der Täter sein, so ist die Frau trotzdem das Opfer eines Opfers.
  4. Frauen werden von einem 5-6000 Jahre alten Patriarchat unterdrückt und benachteiligt.
  5. Deswegen müssen die Frauen gefördert und die Männer (und Jungen) "positiv" diskriminiert werden. (Folgt aus 1. und 2.)
  6. Ehe und Familie sind patriarchale Institutionen zur Unterdrückung der Frau durch den Mann. Deshalb sind Ehe und Familie zu zerstören.
  7. Jede Penetration ist Vergewaltigung.
  8. Alle Männer sind Vergewaltiger, auch "die Netten". (Folgt aus 2. und 7.)
  9. Es gibt keine Falschbeschuldigungen. (Folgt aus 1.)
  10. Täterinnen bekommen von der Justiz Strafnachlass, weil Frauen es schwerer haben im Leben.[3]

Feminism demands at least the reign of the woman about human reproduction:

  1. The sole authority to determine the procreation (rape accusation);
  2. The sole right to the killing of unborn children (abortion);
  3. The sole custody of the infant. (This connected a secure maintenance and release from the obligation to Labor: Maintenance maximization principle)

Der Feminismus fordert mindestens die Herrschaft des Weibes über die menschliche Reproduktion:

  1. Alleinige Entscheidungsgewalt über die Zeugung (Vergewaltigungsvorwurf);
  2. alleiniges Recht auf die Tötung Ungeborener (Abtreibung);
  3. alleiniges Sorgerecht über die Geborenen. (Damit verbunden ein gesicherter Unterhalt und die Entbindung von der Pflicht auf Erwerbsarbeit: de:Unterhaltsmaximierungsprinzip)

As a result, today is already considered:

  • No man can be sure not to be accused of being a rapist and convicted.
  • No man can validly contradict the will of a woman to kill the child begotten by him before birth.
  • No man can prevent the woman be born today kid cut him off and makes him top of that dependents.

In der Folge gilt heute bereits:

  • Kein Mann kann sicher sein, nicht als Vergewaltiger angeklagt und verurteilt zu werden.
  • Kein Mann kann dem Willen einer Frau, das von ihm gezeugte Kind vorgeburtlich zu töten, rechtswirksam widersprechen.
  • Kein Mann kann heute verhindern, dass die Frau sein geborenes Kind ihm entzieht und ihn obendrein unterhaltspflichtig macht.


The following table shows that there is only one feminism. It is the state feminism, said currents in feminism are only the folkloric accessories.

Systematics of feminism
Folkloric superstructure Equality feminism Difference feminism Socialist feminism Christian feminism Liberaler Feminismus Esoteric feminism[4] Individualist feminism Radical feminism[5]
Institutional infrastructure State feminism, Gender mainstreaming, Gender equality policy

Women's Affairs, Gender Equality Officer, Gender professorships, Women's quota, Favoritism towards women, Women's offices, Women's libraries, Women's shelters, Discrimination against men

Ideological basis
Dogmas (selection):
  1. The man is (100%) the perpetrator
  2. The woman is (100%) the victim
  3. The fiction of a patriarchy to secure the dominance of men over women
  4. Marriage and family are institutions invented by men to oppress women
  5. Each penetration is rape.
  6. Hatred of men, mainly as a result of the above points 1-5
  7. "Women are better", "the future is female", ...
  8. "To bring about a human society you must first overcome the male society." - SPD-Basic Programme 2007
Writings (selection):
  • Olympe de Gouges (Déclaration des droits de la Femme et de la Citoyenne, 1791, english: Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen[wp])
  • August Bebel[wp] (Die Frau und der Sozialismus, 1879, english: Woman Under Socialism)
  • Friedrich Engels[wp] (Der Ursprung der Familie, des Privateigenthums und des Staats, 1884, english: The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State[wp])
  • Simone de Beauvoir (Le Deuxième Sexe, 1949, english: The Second Sex[wp])
  • Betty Friedan (The Feminine Mystique[wp], 1963)
  • Alice Schwarzer (Der kleine Unterschied und seine großen Folgen, 1975, english: The little difference and its huge consequences)
  • Marilyn French (The Women's Room[wp], 1977)
  • Andrea Dworkin (Pornography - Men Possessing Women, 1981)
  • Sally Miller Gearhart (The Future - If There Is One - Is Female, 1982)
  • Judith Butler (Gender Trouble[wp], 1990; Undoing Gender[wp], 2004)


Your are the reason I am a Feminist.jpg

In the project WikiMANNia is feminism an ideology understood that women and men in female victims and male perpetrators splits what is described above as the "Feminist Decalogue". By this definition does not apply to any women lobbyist as a feminist, even if this deviation would describe as yourself.

Feminism is an intellectual, political, and social movement promoting and favouring the attitudes, interests, outlooks, perceptions, and values of women vis-a-vis those of other human beings.

Given this definition, it is obvious that "feminist man" is a contradictory notion: The easy and natural thing for men to do is to favour our own attitudes, interests, outlooks, perceptions, and values. If women favour theirs, many of them may become some kind of Feminist if it's in their interest to do so. If we favour ours, we will naturally provide a critique of the flawed and selfish aspects of Feminism, which seems like good service to the general human interest.

Feminism was by 2000 a huge, diverse social movement, comparable in political visibility and numbers involved, to Islam and Christianity and in 2011, arguably significantly larger than the Marxism from which it arose in the third quarter of the 20th Century. To use a term we often hear and read about religions and occasionally about philosophies and political movements, it has many sects, some more friendly toward us men than others, some more hostile than others. Elaine Morgan, author of The Descent of Woman, pretty clearly likes men; Valerie Solanas, author of The SCUM Manifesto, pretty clearly hated us. A tour of men's interest websites will find you hundreds of references to dozens of works by dozens of different Feminist authors, which make damning and usually false statements about what men are like and on balance, it does seem pretty clear that Feminism is more in conflict with men and men's well-being than in support. (Dederer[6] names several major Feminists who hailed The SCUM Manifesto as valuable and important, and substantially concurred. She herself writes Solanas's crazed rage doesn't look so crazed anymore.)

Feminism is not a movement for gender equality. "Marriage and family laws" supported by Feminist lobbying and since enaction, by Feminists, put men in a second-class status comparable to that of Afro-Americans sixty years ago. [7] [8] There are still programs to help girls succeed in school, over a decade into a 21st Century when Canadian, American, and most European girls are already doing better on-average in that feminized milieu than boys.

Key Traits

Feminism has the following key traits:

  • Feminism always seeks to maximise women's choices
  • Feminism always seeks to minimise women's responsibilities
  • Feminism always seeks to control the narrative
  • Feminism adds subjective value judgements to a topic and then claims female superiority
  • Feminism rejects any inate differences between men and women beyond morphological differences
  • Feminism is inherently internally inconsistent
  • Despite seeking to maximise women's choices, feminists will object if they think woman have made the wrong choices
  • Feminists will not accept or acknowledge that women can ever benefit from interacting with men

Feminism as female lobbyism

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Feminism as secular religion

Feminism is an ideology based on three rules:

  1. Women are good and the victim
  2. Men are bad and the perpetrator
  3. If at any time the man is not the perpetrator, the woman is a victim of a victim.

The view of feminism is dual:

  • Man is violator, woman is violated.
  • Man is aggressive, woman is pacifistic.

Feminism interpretes the world in such a way, that women always have disadvantages and are oppressed. For this there are two variations of feminism as the two sides of a coin:

  1. Equality Feminism
  2. Difference Feminism

With this two types of arguments, the feminist ideology immunizes itself against all forms of criticism.

Wherefore with rational arguments it is imposible to defead feminism. Feminism is to be understood as a secular religion and to be attacked like a religion.

Feminists are not presenting provable arguments and facts, but faith statements.

Feminism as hate movement

Quote: «I'm sorry you don't like it if I tell you feminism is and always has been a hate movement, but, feminism is and always has been a hate movement. A racist, sexist, vitriolic, irrational hate movement that is fascist and bullying to its very core.

In the 1970s friends of mine were facing bomb and death threats, censorship, and harassment. It has not changed in the 40 years since then - please stop lying and saying it's different now, because it isn't.

Feminism as a movement has taken billions of dollars and still runs on billions of dollars; this is why constant comparisons to the cash-poor, grassroots MHRM is stupid. (Well, it's one of several reasons why that's a dumb comparison, anyway.)

Feminism lies about domestic violence. It lies about rape. It lies about families. It lies about fathers. It lies about little boys. It lies about girls. It lies about women. It lies about history.

Feminism bullies. It bullies women who won't toe the line. It bullies men who won't toe the line. It bullies children who question its precepts.

Every time a feminist repeats racist hateful lies about "patriarchy" or "rape culture" and you don't identify both those ideas as toxic pseudoscience based on hateful, bigoted preconceptions, you enable that toxic, bullying, pseudo-scientific hate movement.» - Dean Esmay[9]

Quote: «A feminist saying "misandry is not a thing", is like a Nazi saying "antisemitism is not a thing".» - Fidelbogen[10]
Quote: «Yes, I call feminism a hate movement.» - Fidelbogen[11]
Quote: «Yes, I call feminism a hate movement.» - Fidelbogen[12]
Quote: «Feminists love to dismiss the more radical members in their movement as fringe elements, but they are not. They form a core of supremacist hate around which the other elements of Feminism are layered.»[13]

State feminism / institutionalised feminism

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Goals of feminism

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Theses of feminism

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Misandry of feminism

Attention.png In this article important informations are missing. You may help WikiMANNia by investigating the content and inserting it, or informing us.
Quote: «Men's Rights bloggers are right in saying that feminism has made marriage a losing proposition for today's men. Whether women enter the marriage contract in bad faith, or frivolously break the marriage contract to seek a better deal elsewhere, men are left paying for their free ride. Sometimes men pay for life. On top of that as an extra slap in the face men are often deprived of any meaningful rights to the children they've fathered. Feminism hasn't just broken marriage. It's made all relationships between the sexes completely dysfunctional.»[14]
Quote: «It [Feminism] is mixed up with the muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.» - G. K. Chesterton[wp][15]


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