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Alice Schwarzer

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Born 1942
Occupation journalist

Alice Schwarzer (born 1942) is a German radical feminist and founder of the German feminist journal EMMA. She has published her view that heterosexuality is a forced construct to serve the sexual desires of men and to supress women. She initiated the project porNO which has the goal to make pornographic content illegal. To her, pornography is the opposite of erotic content, pornography to her means the connection between violence and lust whereas erotic content doesnt display any hierarchy and has no predefinitions. The author of this article disagrees that pornography is defined by the use of violence and thinks that this is another strike against male sexuality and glorification of female sexuality. Alice Schwarzer publicly embraces the genital mutiliation of Lorena Bobbitt. In her EMMA article Beyond Bitch (1994/2, p. 34f) she wrote: She disarmed her husband. [...] A woman did it. Now every woman could do it. The dam is bursting, violence is no taboo anymore. Its possible to fight back. Or stab back. American housewives looking at a kitchen knife dont only associate cutting parsley with it anymore. [...] The victims have no other choice than to act. And this must trigger women delight, when a woman fights back. Finally! In a television dispute between miss Schwarzer and Esther Vilar who opposed Schwarzers radical views, Schwarzer called her a traitor on her own sex and a fascist, the latter being a personal attack since miss Vilar is Jewish. In 1975, she wrote: the ability to bear children is the only difference that remains between man and woman. Everything else is artificial. She appreciates the experiment Money as one of the few exceptions that dont manipulate but do justice to the goal of science to educate.

Other quotes by M. Schwarzer:

  • "I admit having slapped a man two or three times in my life. But I had the intelligence only to slap men who were raised well so that they didnt slap me back."
  • "Perpetrators [of rape] are virtually to 100% male and victims are virtually 100% female."

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