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Welcome to WikiMANNia
Welcome to WikiMANNia
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Information without feminist indoctrination!

This Wiki is a knowledge base covering the topic of the discrimination of boys and men. Evidence for this kind of discrimination is scattered throughout the internet. Hence, the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming at times and different accounts of the same problem can be very confusing. This is why information about the discrimination of boys and men is collected, structured and inter-linked on this wiki. WikiMANNia is the antithesis of the feminist victim culture and hate ideology. 1,007 articles have been created since April 2011.

The aim of WikiMANNia is to deliver facts to MRAs, bloggers and journalists. To ensure a good quality of the articles, access to writing is restricted to our editors.

All entries must be based on reliable sources.
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Selected pages
Public relations
Public relations
"A quote for sunday!" (Author)
WikiMANNia News
WikiMANNia News
  • 9th August 2020 - English WikiMANNia has 1.000 articles
  • 3rd August 2020 - German WikiMANNia has 5.800 articles
  • 2nd January 2020 - German WikiMANNia has 5.700 articles
  • 20th December 2019 - German WikiMANNia has 5.600 articles
  • 7th December 2019 - German WikiMANNia has 5.400 articles
  • 16th September 2019 - German WikiMANNia has 5.300 articles
  • August 16-18, 2019 - 5th International Conference on Men's Issues in Chicago
  • 6th June 2019 - German WikiMANNia has 5.200 articles
  • 9th May 2019 - English WikiMANNia has 950 articles
  • 10th April 2019 - German WikiMANNia has 5.100 articles
  • 21st January 2019 - German WikiMANNia has 5.000 articles
  • 10th December 2018 - German WikiMANNia has 4.900 articles
  • November 19, 2018 - International Men's Day 2018 - Save Indian Family Foundation in India
  • 8th September 2018 - English WikiMANNia has 900 articles
  • 3rd October 2018 - German WikiMANNia has 4.800 articles
  • 14th August 2018 - German WikiMANNia has 4.700 articles
  • July 20-22, 2018 - 4th International Conference on Men's Issues in London
  • 28th May 2018 - German WikiMANNia has 4.600 articles
  • 30st April 2018 - English WikiMANNia has 850 articles
  • 18th April 2018 - German WikiMANNia has 4.500 articles
  • 21st February 2018 - German WikiMANNia has 4.400 articles
  • 21st January 2018 - English WikiMANNia has 800 articles
  • 14th January 2018 - German WikiMANNia has 4.300 articles
  • 11th November 2017 - German WikiMANNia has 4.200 articles
  • 31st August 2017 - English WikiMANNia has 750 articles
  • 30th August 2017 - German WikiMANNia has 4.100 articles
  • 28th July 2017 - German WikiMANNia has 4.000 articles
  • 17th July 2017 - German WikiMANNia has 3.900 articles
  • 2nd July 2017 - German WikiMANNia has 3.800 articles
  • June 9-11, 2017 - 3rd International Conference on Men's Issues, Gold Coast, Australia
  • 22nd May 2017 - German WikiMANNia has 3.700 articles
  • 5th April 2017 - English WikiMANNia has 700 articles
  • 15th March 2017 - German WikiMANNia has 3.600 articles
  • 14th January 2017 - German WikiMANNia has 3.500 articles
  • 3rd December 2016 - English WikiMANNia has 600 articles
  • 1st December 2016 - German WikiMANNia has 3.400 articles
  • 8-10 July 2016 - 2nd International Conference on Men's Issues in London
  • 25th June 2016 - German WikiMANNia has 3.000 articles
  • 15th July 2015 - English WikiMANNia has 400 articles
  • 12th August 2014 - German WikiMANNia has 2.000 articles
  • 27/28 June 2014 - 1st International Conference on Men's Issues in Detroit
  • 6th April 2014 - A Voice for Men (AVfM) - Partnership with WikiMANNia
  • 24th October 2013 - English WikiMANNia has 200 articles
  • 3rd November 2012 - 3rd Antifeminism Meeting in Switzerland
  • 8th March 2012 - German WikiMANNia has 1.000 articles
  • 1st August 2011 - WikiMANNia in English started!
  • 25th June 2011 - 2nd Antifeminism Meeting in Switzerland
  • 30th October 2010 - 1rd Antifeminism Meeting in Switzerland
  • January 2009 - German WikiMANNia started!
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Article of the day

The hero is provided with extraordinary powers called Superman was invented in the early 1930s of the two two U.S. teenagers Jerry Siegel[wp] and Joe Shuster[wp]. But the word superman then existed in the English language much longer - as a translation for Übermensch, which Nietzsche[wp] had embossed in 1893 "Also sprach Zarathustra" for its ideal of a future human being who transcends christian moral values.

Fathers are for children often heroes, so they fight dressed up as Superman[wp], Spiderman[wp] and Batman[wp] for their children. (more)

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