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What feminists are really doing
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Inside the Feminist Mind
Why do feminists thematize shirts?
Because women can not land a space vehicle on an asteroid!

Feminists are women who are too lazy to work and too ugly for purchase are.[1]

Quote: «There are no feminists in a burning building.» - Bill Burr[wp][2]
Quote: «A feminist is holding her ass not moving, so they need a quota to succeed. It has - except their hatred of men - no hobbies.» - Flesch Oliver[3]
Quote: «A feminist believes all women who are not feminists, so the majority of the female population are intellectually impaired. They believe that women needed help, would need rescue. A misconception. In fact, there are feminists who needed help and rescue.» - Oliver Flesch[3]
Quote: «The men hate a feminist can be compared to the Jews hate Hitler. He is just as stupid, just as primitive and inhumane.» - Oliver Flesch[3]
Quote: «Isn't it amazing how people keep using the phrase "true feminist" in order to just dismiss all feminist misdeeds, all feminist lies?

"Well, they weren't real feminists." Fuck you. Yes they were.» - Dean Esmay[4]

Quote: «Feminism destroyed the social contract between men & women and as a result, more & more women are left lonely. So UKs cucked Feminist govt's solution: A Minister of Loneliness. The comedy writes itself.» - @MisandryToday[5]

The feminists parallel universe

Gib Feministinnen keine Chance.jpg

The feminist and the profeminist are the irrefutable conviction

"Women are still oppressed as at all times" and
"Women are in principle equivalent, no matter how little they make or how much they cost"

not to have to take note of obvious facts.


Feminists are not all the same, because there are big differences. Here are the main types:

  1. The Paranoid:
    "All men are evil and plan constantly, women to torture, rape and kill! "
  2. The narcissist:
    "We women are the most wonderful thing in the world, and I am the most wonderful woman of all!"
  3. The pathologically dependent:
    "Please, help me to get a degree, find a job, to be protected material, and to be safe from crime, I can not alone!"
  4. The borderliner:
    "Ha, I am a strong, independent woman, I can not hold a candle to man!"

(Later) "Oh my God, I am weak and oppressed!"

  1. The sociopath:
    (Before marriage) "You're the most wonderful man in the world!"

(After marriage) "Thank you fell, you idiot, I'm getting a divorce, now you have to pay me alimony for life, or I tell the police you raped me!" (And everything planned from the outset)

  1. The attention whore:
    "Look unto me, all how great I am, I take my clothes off when you herschaut only do you not want? Look at me, or I will show you in for sexual harassment!"
  2. The forced disturbed:
    "Women need exactly 50% of all offices at all levels have to earn just 50% of the money and own and get exactly 50% of the speaking time on all media!"
  3. The pathologically insecure:
    "The men scare me, I could never sleep with a man, let alone get married or have kids!"
  4. The schizoid:
    (Squatting alone in front of the TV) "Men are shit Who needs them?"
  5. The schizophrenic:
    "The men want to poison me, I know it very well because my having told the Great Goddess / cat / an alien!"
  6. The sadist:
    "What did you say?" (Slams and pleased)
  7. The passive-aggressive:
    "The men have all the power, but are not worth anything, so I'm right, if I do anything more for society" [6]

Because of the feminist hate men (misandry) the Virgin Birth (is parthenogenesis) a dream for feminists and lesbians.


Feminists are stupid throw facts at them.jpg
Quote: «The feminist woman can clearly see everything that is different from themselves, just as insulting and humiliating.» - Bernhard Lassahn, 78
Quote: «The government will my custody prevail - free of charge. You have to pay to "try" to enforce your visitation rights.» - Feministin[7][8]
Quote: «Parturient bitches are now called "single mothers" and their chosen sex partner "aggressors".» - Feministin[7][8]
Quote: «After the divorce I can attend classes or go to college, instead of accepting a job. You have to work.» - Feministin[7][8]
Quote: «I can kill you and say you had bothered me. You can not touch me, since it says: "No Excuse for strikes against a woman".» - Feministin[7][8]
Quote: «After sex, I have three multiple choice (birth, abortion or adoption release ). You, man, do not.» - Feministin[7][8]
Quote: «I can kill your child, or give away your child, or you can pay for 25 years.» - Feministin[7][8]
Quote: «The common citizen just not looking for a fact-based knowledge, but after a truth that feels pleasant for him as possible and produces no conflicts, it does not automatically win.
The woman pays tribute to feminism, because he glorified and demonized the other pole. This works as long as the majority of opinion leaders agrees with her, which tends to be initially do all women. Arguments and Facts disturbing because only. If this were not so, people would read in most scientific work and no tabloid.
In a feminist woman you like to win so still. Not because they wanted to understand your arguments. No, rather it is YOU who must take responsibility for their dogmas and that produces a conflict in which she finds no female support. Moreover, such a conversation is running due to the lack of substance of feminism inevitably it out to represent the woman as immature and stupid, their refutation will you not be possible.
But once there is a group among the swarm intelligence, pride thinking and ultimately collective low roar. Since it's just about getting rid of you and in your own sisterly loyalty to drown. That they are argumentative a zero number, it bothers so much because this scale has no relevance.» - Sven Leifers[9]
Quote: «Misandric persons search the ideology that is their distorted perception of the world, to its negative view of men, fits their world feeling, which then rationalized by the ideology that legitimizes, encourages.
Is very difficult to break out of the positive feedback loop.» - Alexander Roslin[10]
Quote: «If feminists stage slutwalks and as sluts call, is the demonstration of independence and self-determination. When men call sluts as such, they are sexists.» - Newman[11]
Quote: «The feminists are living in a parallel world , themselves and other feminists AND feminists knocking (!) on the shoulder. They are self-referential and self-sufficient in the certainty of its continuous inflow. Connection with the outside world? discourses with traditional disciplines? Interferes only - but is not necessarily, because no one demands. The outside world for this parallel world works intended as a cartel of silence. A cartel of silence with swarm behavior: the actors of feminism are like fish in a shoal: You move like a full body with no obvious leader and without a target motion, ie recognizable program. Every single actor in this swarm is invisible, unnoticed and externally controlled via the medium of Internet.» - Eckhard Kuhla[12]
Quote: «Every #feminist has an incomplete understanding of what #feminism is. Only a non-feminist can have a complete understanding. #AntiSJW» - Fidelbogen[13]
Quote: «Feminists are stupid, throw facts at them.» - WikiMANNia[14]
Quote: «Feminists are supporters of feminism. John Carver has noted that, like SJWs, feminists tend to use a great deal of profanity.[15] Max Roscoe notes that Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson are an example of two feminist sluts who have sought to indoctrinate America.[16]

Corey Savage, who has classified feminists according to nine basic types[17], also points out that feminists have accomplished little of value, and more has been done for the well-being of women by people who have been labeled misogynists who want women to be responsible, want to prevent rape, want women to be healthy and attractive, want women to be happy, want women to be liberated from corporations, and want to foster harmonious relationship between men and women.[18]

Dalrock writes, "Feminists are ugly because the philosophy of feminism is ugly. It is based on avoiding caring for others and being miserly with love."[19]» - Kings Wiki[20]

Can you discuss with feminists?

Quote: «Roy F. Baumeister, one of the most influential and most cited psychologists in the world, in his book? "Is There Anything Good About Men How Culture Flourishes by Exploiting Men" (Oxford University Press, 2010) discusses some basic issues of men's movement - to break taboos as that domestic violence is predominantly done by women. He also expressed his strong belief that it was hopeless to try to argue with feminists. As evidence he cites, among other things, the book "Prof essing Feminism" by Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge[wp], two professors in the field studies of women worked and had noted here that feminists any criticism of non-feminists to their ideology simply ignore.» - Arne Hoffmann[21]
Quote: «The world-renowned professor of social psychology Roy Baumeister[wp] has in his book "Is There Anything Good About Men?" (Oxford University Press 2010) devoted among other things the question of how a liberation movement like the original feminism was a totalitarian, oppressive massive movement arise. His convincing answer: Since the women's movement in the 1960s and 1970s with the achievement of reasonable goals was very fast very successful (there were virtually no men any resistance opposed the reasonable demands of the women), all moderate women of the movement declared their work for finished and turned to other things. Remain the radical and fanatical women and men in feminism, there spread more and more and today account for the majority of the movement.
Baumeister admits a purposeful discussion with the remaining women's rights activists little chances of success: "I would from the beginning to emphasize," he says on page 9 of his book clearly, "I do not argue with any feminist researchers actually, I have a strong suspicion that one. debate with feminists does not make sense." Baumeister is a fossilized, reactionary macho? On the contrary. It refers to professional women from gender studies, which have come to this same conclusion: "The business model of feminism was by Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge aptly summed, two researchers who have spent their careers in women's studies and what there as a research activity goes through, the thoughtful book 'Professing Feminism: Education and Indoctrination in Women's studies'... wrote this they held as a central fact that pay no attention to most feminists criticism from non-feminists from representatives of your own faction they sound easy criticism - but this mainly refers to the purity of their commitment to feminist politics and doctrine, however, when scientists criticize each other, their focus is mainly on the examination methods and leave as well to bring different Theroien with the data in About accordance Patai and Koertge, according to.. there is this process in women's studies is not."» - Arne Hoffmann[22]
Quote: «The Gender studies operators [...] there have not needed to deal with female or male critics. Them is their place in government and government "research projects" and chairs safe as long as they stay pretty like and linientreu (orthodox / hardliner) Roy F. Baumeister[wp], a psychology professor at Florida State University, explained in 2010 how difficult it is to enter into a dialogue with feminists: "As the academic feminism does today, the two female researchers have Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge[wp], in her book 'Prof essing Feminism' is shown, in which they show what is in the Women's Studies passes for scientific work. unless you can prove that the least-feminists the criticism of non-feminists only deal. response to criticisms from within the ranks they hear while occasionally, but this refers mainly to the ideological purity. When scientists criticize each other, it usually goes to the methodological approach and the . question of which theories best explain the existing data As Patai and Koertge write this methodological discussion in women's studies is largely unknown."» (Roy F. Baumeister[wp]: Wozu sind Männer eigentlich überhaupt noch gut? Wie Kulturen davon profitieren, Männer auszubeuten., Huber 2012, ISBN 3-456-85080-8, Seite 17)[23][24]

Canadian men's rights advocats have performed a poster campaign with the slogan "Don't be that bigot!".[25] According to their usual understanding of freedom of expression and fair public debate feminists tear these posters again from the walls. Two perpetrators were caught in this action, provided speech and filmed.[26][27] Arne Hoffmann observes:

Quote: «If these pictures do not show how scared the poor are feminists, if they are approached in the middle of the night from this Männerrechtler hideous monsters, I do not know anymore.»[28]
You just rant about feminism on your websites and you don't actually "do" anything.
That's because feminists always get in the way of us trying to do anything.
No, we don't! Not "real" feminists anyway.
Ok, well we're going to start a Men's Studies course so we can begin to discuss the issues men face.
Fine, you do that.
*Start work towards stated goal*
OMG, they're misogynists, rape apologists, incest supporters! Stop them from doing what they're doing![29]


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