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The Counter-Feminist

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The Counter-Feminist
Description Weblog
Available language(s) English
Launched September 2006
Current status active
More info
Created by Luigi Logan (aka Fidelbogen)
Twitter @fidelbogen

Luigi Logan (aka Fidelbogen) is a writer, videographer and webmaster of The Counter Feminist. He is a semi-regular contributor to A Voice for Men generally writing on the subjects of feminism and men's rights.

Quote: «The Counter-feminist, a blog which exposes the evils of feminism and culturally sanctioned man-hating[1]
Quote: «It is unnecessary to kill the men's rights movement, since it's impossible to kill something that doesn't exist.»[2]
Quote: «Yes, I call feminism a hate movement.»[3]
Quote: «A feminist saying "misandry is not a thing", is like a Nazi saying "antisemitism is not a thing".»[4]
Quote: «Feminism is female supremacism[5]


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