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Paul Elam

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Paul Elam.jpg
Born February 8th, 1957[1]
Occupation psychologist
Patreon anearformen
Twitter @AVoiceForMen

Paul Elam (* 1957) is a psychologist and MRA from Texas in the United States who started two important websites for the MRM, Register her and A Voice for Men.

He is also the founder and co-host of A Voice for Men - Radio Show, and the Dean of Student Affairs at FTSU.

He tends to take a critical stance towards PUAs.

Quote: «Feminism is 1% of powerful ideologues with money and influence controlling the other 99% of useful idiots and lemmings.»[2]





  • (with Peter Wright) Red Pill Psychology: Psychology For Men In A Gynocentric World. Academic Century Press. (2017)

An Ear for Men

The Ten Immutable Laws of Men and Women

Immutable Law - Men
  1. Men will not oppose anything perceived to benefit women. The drive in men to protect and provide for women and their children is often more powerful than their own drive to survive and much more powerful than their charity to other men.
    Note that this law says "perceived". It does't matter if something actually benefits women, or if it has no impact, or if in fact it harms women. If the popular perception is that something benefits women, men will support it more or less blindly.
    They will support it, even if they can see it hurting other males, up to an including their own sons.
  2. Men will act as enforcers. They will attack and shun other men for violating law number one. The perception qualification still applies. In the social, legal and political realms, men will attack, verbally and physically, other men who are perceived to either harm women or who oppose anything perceived to protect women. In fact, in the minds of men those two things, harming women or opposing a mindless and destructive attempt at their protection, are literally the same thing.
    Men conflate and often confuse, harming women with simply refusing to grant them special protections. This includes the refusal to enable women at the expense of men and boys.
  3. Men have almost no limits on how far they will go regarding adherence to laws number one and two. This includes the fact that men will watch their own families ripped apart by corrupt courts, they will suffer false allegations, alienation from their children, loss of home and income, recurrent suicidal impulses, and ultimately react to all of it with self-blame, and will in fact tell other men who experience those problems that they need to shut up, or man up, and take it.
  4. Men will not complain collectively about anything that happens to them as a class. Attacks and affronts to men as a group will not cause an effective collection group reaction. Ever. You can imprison them, beat them, steal their property, demonize their sons, psychologically destroy their children, physically mutilate their sons, relegate them to the streets, tax them and spend their money on other groups, and as men they will not react. Again, ever.
    Indeed, men will, in accordance with laws one and two, assist the state in the furtherance of such abuses as long as the dominant public perception is that it is done in the name of protecting women.
  5. Anomalous men, or those who consciously oppose laws one through four, will nonetheless obey them out of a fear of shame and rejection.
Immutable Law - Women
  1. Women will not oppose anything perceived to benefit them as a group. On the surface this may seem innocuous and even just human, but it results in some very inhuman things. As a group, women will not oppose anything, no matter how destructive it may be to others, and ultimately themselves, if they perceive an immediate benefit or privilege. They won't, as a group, oppose all male Selective Service, all male genital mutilation, taking the lion's share of resources produced by men and redistributing it to women or any other injustice that works in their favour. They will not oppose clearly oppressive and unconstitutional laws, as long as they perceive a benefit to women. They will not oppose the disappearance of men from education and the workplace, as long as they perceive it works to their advantage.
    Women will not object to disproportionate attention to breast cancer versus prostate cancer, female victims versus male victims of any crime, the deification of girls and the demonization of boys in our schools.
    They will not object to the neglect of false allegations, male suicide, male homelessness or any other social malady in favour of the focus being place on problems that affect women, even where those problems are manufactured and do not exist.
  2. Women will attack and shun other women for violating law number one. The women who violate that law are frequently considered "traitors" to other women, and they will be marginalized and ostracized. The nature and scope of the attacks against them are generally less extreme than those against men, but they are completely real. Women will attack and shun other women for supporting any ideas that do not include women as the primary and often sole beneficiaries of social services, special legal protections, government subsidies and even deference to opinions.
    Women, by and large, are women first and women only.
  3. Women have virtually no limits on how far they will go regarding adherence to laws number one and two. This includes willingness to see their own children psychologically damaged in the name of personal advantage and will in fact inflict that damage themselves without remorse.
    Women will demonstrate the willingness to tolerate the abuse of male loved ones and will watch and silences those men destroyed by the state and other entities for the advantage of other women - even women they don't like. Periodically they may experience outrage over how that abuse and destruction the men they hold dear, but it will not translate into any meaningful outrage over what happens to men as a class.
  4. Women will complain collectively about whatever happens to them as a group, regardless of wheter it is really happening. The only requirement is the perception that there is a problem.
    Women, as a group, will complain for decades about long debunked injustices against them, and refuse to even entertain evidence to the contrary. Men will do this, too, but they do it for women, not for themselves. The point of law number four for women is that it informs government and corporate entities that in order to create social momentum sufficient to pass laws and justify political policy, all it needs to do is frame information, accurate or not, in a way that paints women as victim class.
  5. Anomalous women, or those who consciously oppose laws one through four, will nonetheless obey them out of a fear of shame and rejection as well as with the added appeal to their privilege.[3]


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