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Peter Wright

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Peter Wright
URL gynocentrism.com
Twitter @Gynocentrism
Gynocentrism - From Feudalism to the modern Disney Princess (2014)

Peter Wright is a historian and human rights advocate with a special focus on issues faced by men and boys. He has documented historical culture patterns of relations between men and women, and the history of the men's human rights movement more generally. Primary topics of his research include chivalry, courtly love, the men's human rights movement, feminism, gynocentrism, and the psychology of human attachment.


Gynarchy - Otherwise known as Petticoat Government

Wright refers to gynocentric conventions of modern culture as constituting a "sexual feudalism" whereby men treat women as moral superiors and women expect men to act as a benevolent serving class. He adds that this pattern of sexual relations was borrowed directly from the medieval contract between vassals and their lords, becoming embedded as a gender-relations model that was attested already in the 16th century by female writers like Lucrezia Marinella[wp] or Modesta Pozzo[wp]. Marinella recounted that, in 1600 AD, women of lower socioeconomic classes were treated as superiors by men who acted as servants or beasts born to serve them. Wright contends that this gender relations trope remains relatively unchanged to the present day.[1]


Another cover
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  • Feminism: And The Creation Of A Female Aristocracy. Academic Century Press. (2018)
  • (with Paul Elam) Red Pill Psychology: Psychology For Men in a Gynocentric World. Academic Century Press. (2017)
  • A History of Gynarchy - Otherwise known as Petticoat Government (2017)
  • A Brief History of the Men's Rights Movement: 1856 To The Present. Academic Century Press. (2017)
  • Gynocentrism: From Feudalism to the modern Disney Princess. Academic Century Press. (2014)


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