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Logo - Wiki4Men.jpg
Description Internet encyclopedia
Available language(s) English
Launched May 2012
relaunch 2019
Current status active
Number of Articles 100 (Effective: May 1, 2019)
22 of them taken over
More info
Owner A Voice for Men,
Australian Men's Rights Association Inc

A Voice for Men Reference wiki was a small wiki maintained by the website A Voice for Men. It started in May 2012 but was poorly maintained.

It was relaunched at the end of March 2019 under the new name Wiki4Men.

Wiki4Men is now driven by the Australian Men's Rights Association Inc and A Voice for Men.

Wiki4Men contains material from both the former A Voice for Men Reference wiki, operated by A Voice for Men, and the former Men be proud, started by Robert Brockway on December 31, 2013.

A Voice for Men Reference wiki


Quote: «Wiki4Men has its origins in a project started by Robert Brockway on Dec 31, 2013. There was very little uptake for a wiki for men at that time but Robert kept writing articles and recording data. Early in 2019 interest in a wiki for men increased, with Peter Wright and Elizabeth Hobson both expressing interest in contributing. Information from the old "AVfM reference wiki" was merged into Robert's earlier wiki writings and Wiki4Men was born.»[1]
A few days ago I talked about the ongoing censorship of men's rights issues and feminist distortion of information in Wikipedia. This was the bad news.

The good news is, an industrious group of dedicated German Men's Rights Activists have, unnoticed outside the German-speaking world, spent the past five years building their own competing wiki known as WikiMANNia.

WikiMANNia ("mann" is German for "adult human male") is dedicated to men's issues and critique of gender feminist indoctrination and gynocentric ideology. Since 2009 they have consistently produced high-quality, feminist-ideology-free information on men's and boys' issues with great success in Germany. WikiMANNia articles on important topics frequently feature very near the top of German search engine results.

For some, the deliberate exclusion of a feminist view from articles addressing other subjects might be seen as an anti-woman bias within the WikiMANNia project. Such an impression is mistaken, although understandable from individuals living in a feminist-dominated culture. To be clear, although feminism purports to be either pro-woman or pro-equality, it is an ideology, almost a religion, carrying a set of assumptions which when applied to writing on almost any topic perverts the meaning of such writing.

On October, 30 2010 an International Anti-Feminism Meeting took place in Switzerland. This led, in 2011, to the editiorial team of WikiMANNia launching basic versions of WikiMANNia in English, Spanish, and Italian. Unfortunately the "International" aspect of the meeting was limited to the three German-speaking countries of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. So unfortunately no contact with the English-speaking Men's Rights Movement took place, and contact with those in other non-German languages was limited, much to the WikiMANNia team's frustration.

Some articles where translated into English in rudimentary fashion. But this attracted little attention in the English-speaking world. The frustration of the German group was, until now, to find people who would allow them to fully enter into the English-speaking world.

We now hope to see that change. After months of talks with the management of WikiMANNia, I have the honor of announcing that AVfM has entered into partnership with WikiMANNia. German WikiMANNa will greatly benefit from an English version and AVfM will benefit from the offerings of this terrific German team.

We strongly encourage anyone reading this with a general interest in the Men's Rights Movement globally to sign up for a WikiMANNia account, and begin helping to improve it.

The German team will keep control of WikiMANNia, but we hope to build an independent English-speaking editorial group with its own focus within WikiMANNia. And we hope you will help!

Most German Men's Rights Activists have limited skills in English. Thus one of the first things needed is someone to clean up the grammar and syntax in many of the English-language articles already there. Even if you speak no German, it doesn't matter. If you can take the somewhat clumsy English and make it stronger, that's all you need to do. You can also add new articles and information, and possibly others will work to translate those to German as well.

Do you speak both German and English? Then perhaps you can contribute to both German and English articles. Also, do you speak Italian or Spanish? Then perhaps you can help with the Italian or Spanish articles, which the German group is also very interested in expanding!

Because of Wikipedia McCarthyism[ext], we want to see WikiMANNia grow, just as we want to see the Men's Human Rights Movement grow internationally, with people of all nations able to take part and cooperate.

On AVfM's front page menus, you will notice there are now two items under "Wiki" - the AVfM Reference Wiki (which is purely for academic references), and WikiMANNia, which is for anything and everything else. We encourage all members of the Men's Rights Community to contribute to these projects. If you have purely academic, hard-science references, great, the AVfM Reference Wiki is narrowly focused on that one thing: academic references, please sign up to help with that. Whereas if you want to help with more generalized topics-Men's Rights Movement figures, history, debates within the community, etc. WikiMANNia is perfect for that.

We see this as not just a great way to expand the reach and scope of the Men's Human Rights Movement, but also furthering the goal of making our movement truly global, with men's advocates gaining knowledge and insight and strategies and even terminology from those of other nations.

For example, I have a new favorite new term I've learned from the Germans: Purple Poodle!

So please, go now and sign up for WikiMANNia, and help spread the Men's Human Rights Movement globally.

Finally, while ordinarily, this notice might close with an imperative to go forth and FTSU, what we're really doing here is the opposite.

The creation and expansion of a reference explicitly excluding gendered ideologies is the un-doing of vandalism and censorship in other sources. So, meine Herren und Damen, go forth and help restore un-corrupted knowledge to the world!



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