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Kings Wiki
Description Internet encyclopedia
Available language(s) english
Launched March 19, 2016
Current status closed
Number of Articles 3000 (Effective: April 22, 2018)
35 of them taken over
More info
Software MediaWiki
Content license CC BY-SA 3.0[ext]
Registration yes
Commercial no
Owner Roosh V[kw]
Created by Roosh V[kw]
URL en.kingswiki.com

Kings Wiki, the encyclopedia of neomasculinity[kw], was launched on 19 March 2016 by Roosh V[kw] and Jean Valjean[kw].[1]

The French Kings Wiki was the second Kings Wiki language edition to be launched. It was created on 12 April 2016.[2]

Quote: «The goal with Kings Wiki is to have a wiki resource that presents truthful information from a masculine viewpoint. Instead of competing with Wikipedia, Kings Wiki will focus on subjects that are most relevant to our sphere.»[3]
Quote: «So I decided to close down the site. I obviously don't have enough time to monitor it and its contributors like I can on the forum, and that has allowed individuals with questionable belief systems to have a big role in its upkeep and direction. The kingswiki.com URL, which I own, now forwards to Return of Kings.

If you see a live version of "Kings Wiki" online somewhere, it's a forked version that Jean Valjean, the original administrator created. I do not own or operate any of his forked sites.

I don't intend of getting involved in a wiki again. Based on where online media is going, wiki's get way less interest/traffic than basic articles or community boards.», Roosh Valizadeh on July 8, 2017[4]

Quote: «On 6 July 2017, Valjean was banned from Roosh V forum and the wiki was shut down three days later. Valjean, however, forked the site before its shutdown and operates the forked wiki under the name Male Monarchs Wiki, independent from Roosh.», Jean Valjean on July 14, 2017[5]

Some Definitions

Men's Rights Activism is a movement which claims to seek legal reforms in areas that they believe men are disadvantaged or oppressed.
Common issues cited by the movement are unfair alimony, divorce, child custody, child support laws, as well as politically correct double standards in the media and legal system (such as lighter criminal sentencing for female sex offenders than male sex offenders).
While some of the issues sited may have merit, on the whole Men's Rights Activism veers into victimhood territory and possible condemnation of traditional gender roles, causing the movement to mirror in many ways with feminism and left wing politics; rather than emphasize that learn to act strong and self reliant, the primary agenda of the movement is to seek others pity or the helping hand of "big daddy government".
Popular MRA websites include A Voice for Men.[6]
(pronounced "Mig-Tao") is an acronym for Men Going Their Own Way and refers to elements of the manosphere that have opted out of marriage or serious long-term relationships with women. MGTOW has become associated with criticism of all attempts at self-improvement and a lack of vision and direction, although MGTOWs dispute the truth of this.[7]
A Pick-Up Artist is a man who learns and practices game for the purpose of having sex with girls and women.[8]
According to Roosh V, Social Justice Warriors believe in an extreme left-wing ideology that combines feminism, progressivism, and political correctness into a totalitarian system that attempts to censor speech and promote fringe lifestyles while actively discriminating against men, particularly white men. They are the internet activist arm of Western progressivism that acts as a vigilante group to ensure compliance and homogeny of far left thought. However, SJWs are so ineffective and devoid of merit that it has been postulated that the leftist fighters of the past would be sickened by the sight of them.[9]


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