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Main PageInternetWiki → Conservapedia
Description Internet encyclopedia
Slogan The Trustworthy Encyclopedia
Available language(s) english
Launched November 21, 2006
Current status active
Number of Articles 50,700 (Effective: Dec 31, 2020)
More info
Software MediaWiki
Content license See Conservapedia Copyright[cp]
Registration yes
Commercial no
Owner Andrew Schlafly[cp]
URL conservapedia.com

Conservapedia is an US-American wiki-encyclopedia[wp], claiming to be conservative and family-friendly. It was launched on November 21, 2006. It was founded by teacher and attorney Andrew Schlafly[cp] with the help of several students from his fall 2006 World History class.

Schlafly realized that Wikipedia, despite its claim of neutrality[wp], contained bias against the achievements of Christianity and conservatism.

Though Conservapedia originally contained mostly history articles, it has grown over several years to be a general reference, with information about history, math, science, politics, religion and other topics. It also contains debates, essays and educational resources. In March 2007 it was picked up by the media, and faced a barrage of vandalism.

Since then it has grown to now over 35,000 articles with about 950 active editors and has approximately ten million page views (July 2011[1]).


Unlike Wikipedia, which bills itself as a democratic system and ends up functioning as a mobocracy, Conservapedia employs a hierarchical structure based on a merit system. Andrew Schlafly is the chief administrator and is the most prolific editor. Andrew Schlafly is the fifth child of Phyllis Schlafly.


Many pages tagged as essays are really more like projects, or are otherwise thought-provoking, giving Conservapedia some characteristics of a think tank[wp].[2]


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