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Blue pill

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The blue pill is the path of conformity with society's expectations; the state of being unaware of the problems engendered by society. The term is used in contrast to the red pill of awakening and acknowledgement and has its origins in the 1999 film The Matrix.[wp]

The bluepill refers to someone who has not been enlightened to the harsh realities of the world. It is the preference of believing in a comforting or convenient lie, especially when it concerns a person's world view, with emphasis on the pretense or opinion that goes contrary to the research suggesting physical attraction is utmost in social or sexual situations. A person who holds bluepill views is sometimes called a bluepiller. Although bluepillers are delusional by definition, the most delusional bluepillers are sometimes called bluepilltard.


Bluepillers generally believe that personality and confidence are the most important factors in attracting women in 2019. They usually reject notions such as the halo effect[tiw] or widespread hybristophilia[tiw]. The polar opposite of the blue pill is the red pill.

The term bluepill was coined in the film The Matrix by Laurence Fishburne who starred as Morpheus. Although the synopsis of the film fails to mention it, bluepilled philosphy was actually a central theme in the film. For example, the plot of the film claims that Joe Pantoliano whilst starring as Cypher had initially embraced the red pill. Cypher initially wanted truth over fiction, even if that truth might have been uncomfortable. After Cypher learns the truth, he gradually becomes more and more uncomfortable with it. It gets to the stage where Cypher regrets that he had taken the red pill. This culminates into Cypher eventually siding with the enemy of the redpillers in an attempt to return to his bluepilled state. He does this by striking a deal with intelligent machines to collaborate with them in apprehending redpillers in exchange for returning him to his previously blissfully ignorant state; i.e. become bluepilled.


Bluepillers sometimes use discourse that follows the following narratives:

  • Bluepillsplaining[tiw]
  • Platitude[tiw]

Anti-blue pillers

People who opposed the bluepill philosophy are sometimes called antibluepillers. Since the blue pill is another word for blissful ignorance, the anti-bluepill stance could also be called anti-blissful ignorance. One of the bluepilled contentions that antiblue­pillers oppose is its ignorance of the importance of time. For example, the bluepilled stance is deeply opposed to enforced monogamy or looksmatching[tiw] and would rather society operates on a free-market dating system. From the antiblue­pillers' point of view, this has negative side-effects since it leads to various by-products such as the various hypergamy models[tiw], such as branch swinging or the 666 dating rule[tiw]. Its not only those on the inceldom spectrum[tiw] who are affected by this. As male low-tier normies are also expected to be the initiators of relationships, as such, in the modern era, even they waste a significant amount of energy and time in this pursuit. This wouldn't only negatively effect men who have a low SMV. Wider society is also negatively affected by this because some men will claim that this system defies CBA (cost-benefit analysis) and turn to NEEThood (avolitionism) or other abject lifestyles.

Pussy passers

Antibluepillers also tend to express opposition to pussy­passers. Pussy­passers are bluepillers who are fine with women getting an advantage over men just by owning a vagina. Some of these advantages include getting lighter prison sentences, more custody of children, vagimony etc.

Peter pan generation

For antibluepillers, it is not a coincidence that men and boys in the 21st century have been labelled the peter pan[wp] generation. Men and boys seem to be unwilling to grow up. But nobody's asking why. From a redpiller or antiblue­pillers' point of view, the reason seems obvious. If you indirectly promote procrastination by turning a key life milestone such as romantic relationships into a jigsaw puzzle, it will mostly affect males because they're the ones who will need to spend more time and energy chasing tail.

From the antibluepillers' point of view, the bluepilled stance is sort of like the take of recreational drugs policy. It may seem progressive to give people full discretion over drug-use, and seem draconian or nanney statey to prevent self-determination on what others do with their own bodies. But at the end, even the most open-minded progressive will say that permitting start-ups to open cornershops that sell the full range of crystal methamphetamin, LSD, cannabis, heroine and cocaine might have detrimental side-effects on society.[1]


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