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Sexual marketplace value

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Many bloggers have theorized that men and women have different value in the sexual marketplace relative to age. This concept is commonly referred to as "sexual marketplace value".

Under this theory, a woman's sexual value is highest from age 18 until about 27 years old. As a woman ages into her 30s and 40s, her sexual market begins to rapidly decline as she ages. In contrast, a man's sexual market value is lowest in his teens and twenties, and then gradually increases as he ages. A man's sexual market value does not peak until he hits approximately 36 years old. As men age into their 40s, the decline is much less rapid than women, in contrast to a woman's more rapid decline. The practical affect is that women stand the best chance of mating with a male whose value is high early in life, while men stand the best chance of mating with a woman whose value is high later in life.

Some have suggested that modern society, which pushes women into traditional careers, is not compatible with the reality of the sexual marketplace value.[1] By the time American women[kw] have graduated college and become established in their career, many are too old to bear children absent serious health risks.[2] Notably, scientific studies have concluded that women are racing against a biological clock, as having children past the age of 35 is a serious risk.[3] However, men can have children well into their 40s and 50s.[4] This would seem to suggest that from an evolutionary, cultural, and biological standpoint, women benefit by bearing children earlier in life, while men benefit by bearing children later in life.


Sex Marketplace Value, or SMV is a measure of desirability for sex in the eyes of a person from the opposite sex.

SMV of a Man

The SMV of a man is primarily determined by his income, status, physical fitness and personality. All alpha males have high SMV. A beta can also achieve high SMV by learning game.

SMV of a man have strong longevity. During his early youth, physical fitness and appearance constitutes most of his SMV. As he ages these factors weaken but his income and societal status may have increased, possibly leading his SMV to new heights.

Therefore the SMV of a man can be significantly altered based on his actions in life. Alternatively speaking, a man can achieve high SMV.

SMV of a Woman

The SMV of a woman is solely determined by her physical beauty and age.

To further clarify, the following does NOT increase a woman's SMV.


Since education does not increase sexual satisfaction of her male partner, therefore education does not increase SMV.

Career / Status

Since career or work place status does not increase sexual satisfaction of her male partner, therefore education does not increase SMV.


While being sexually experienced may increase the physical pleasure of her male partner, being sexually inexperienced actually increase satisfaction. In particular, most men consider having sex with virgins a highly prized achievement. It is not unusual for girls to auction their virginity to the highest bidder.

The SMV of a woman rises from puberty and peaks around mid 20's then declines noticeably after she turn 30. She is said to have hit the wall.

Therefore the SMV of a woman is given by birth and her achievements in life does little to increase it.

It is also noteworthy that a previously attractive woman going into her 30's will have an SMV comparable to a mediocre girl in her early 20's.


SMV of a person can be impaired. Most notably, STD's.

A woman's SMV is also impaired as her cock count goes up and earn herself a reputation as a slut.

A man's SMV is unchanged by his slut count. However, most men with high slut counts achieve this by increasing their SMV through game or status.


Sex Marketplace Value should not be confused with Marriage Marketplace Value. A married man will have very low MMV because he is not available for marriage (in most legal systems), however his profile may still attract attention to those seeking casual sex.

Generally, factors that increase MMV also increases SMV but factors that increase SMV may not necessarily increase MMV. As an example, knowing game will increase SMV but not MMV because game is about getting the first fuck where as MMV incorporates future benefits.

Traditionally SMV = MMV because sex primarily occured inside marriage.


LMV, or Labor Marketplace Value is a person's annual income.

For a man, his SMV and LMV is positively correlated. Clearly, any man who earns more money than the President of the United States ($400,000 USD) is an alpha male.

For a woman, her SMV and LMV is negatively correlated. To clarify, a woman's income does not make her younger, hotter or tighter. However, those who earn high income tend to be older women. Older women tend not to have high SMV.

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