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Care by Dmitrii Kouznetsov[1]

There is a heap of dry foliage at the scene.
Fellow in the raincoat with the bag on his shoulder reads a book.
Fellow looks freezed up. He turns the page, looks at the hall, walks few steps, reads again.
Voices of children, the squeal, the foliage rusting heard.
The elderly woman with a provision bag appears.
Woman (shows to the hall): Excuse me, are they your children?
Fellow: Yes.
Woman: Why are they not dressed?
Fellow (gently): You are wrong.
Woman: They are without caps and jackets!
Fellow: But they are in pullovers, trousers and shoes.
Woman: You think, they could walk without trousers!.. You let them catch cold, and then you will regret!
Fellow: No.
Woman: Why not, the air is so cold!
Fellow: Your children, are they ailing?
Woman: My daughter is grown up.
Fellow: And your grand-children?
Woman: Glory to God, I have no grand children.
Fellow: Say to your daughter, that you will help her, and they appear!
Woman: What for? If they make a baby, they should to look after their child themselves!
Fellow: You don't like children, do you?
Woman: I don't like them! (goes away)



  1. Dmitrii Kouznetsov: Care, 1987-2000

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