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Ctrl-Left = Progressive Left. Liberals. Social Justice Warriors.

Quote: «The Alt-right is an alternative to the right while the ctrl-left is the natural evolution of the progressive ideology of the left. As the name implies the goal of the Ctrl-left is control. Control over your speech. Control over your beliefs. Control over your information. Control over every single aspect of your life that it can get its hands on.

The primary tactic of the ctrl-left is taboo. Just like control decks in Magic and other card games they seek to achieve a state where you must get their authorization before you discuss any topic. Ideas which run counter to their ideology are not met head on and debated according to its merits but rather shut down as false, offensive, or any other description that they can stretch to fit.»[1]


  1. A Guide to the Ctrl-Left, Tsukes Thoughts on December 20, 2016

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