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Domenico Dolce

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Domenico Dolce.jpg
Born August 13, 1958
Occupation Artist, entrepreneur
URL dolcegabbana.com
Twitter @dolcegabbana

Mario Assun Domenico Dolce (born 1958) is an Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur, one of the founders of Dolce & Gabbana[wp]. The fashion house is located in Legnano (near Milan), in which both designers live.

Quote: «It was not us that have invented the family. (...) You're born and you have a mother and a father. Or at least it should be and that's why I'm skeptical about "synthetic children," rented wombs and sperm from the catalog terms.»[1]
Quote: «Then they go to these children and tell them who their mother or their father. Would you accept it, to be a daughter of reproductive technology?»[1]
Quote: «I'm gay, I can not children have. (...) I guess you can not have everything in life. Life has a natural course, there are things that can not be changed. And one of them is the family.»[1]


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We oppose gay adoption. The only family is the traditional one.
La Famiglia - Pilastro fondamentale e cellula elementare della società. Comunitá naturale autonoma e responsabile, luogo privilegiato di accogiienza della vita. Ha diritto di essere riconosciuta, protetta e promossa dalla stato.
The Family - The cornerstone and basic cell of society. Natural, independent and responsible community; a privileged place that welcomes life. She has the right to be recognized, protected and promoted by the state.
Es lebe die (traditionelle) Familie!
Long live the (traditional) family!
¡Viva la familia (tradicional)!
Viva la famiglia (tradizionale)!
Dolce & Gabbana's abaya collection integrates key elements of the brand's spring/summer 2016 collection, such as daisies, red roses and lemons.