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Felipe Moura Brasil

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Felipe Moura Brasil.jpg
Born May 18, 1981
Occupation journalist
Twitter @BlogDoPim

Felipe Moura Brazil (* 1981) is a Brazilian journalist, writer, blogger and commentator. In 2016, it was considered, by a study of the Brazilian big date Stilingue, the biggest political influencer of Twitter in Brazil. He was also the organizer of the best seller "O mínimo que você precisa saber para não ser um idiota" by Olavo de Carvalho[wp], published in 2013 by Editora Record. In April 2017 announced his departure from VEJA after 3 years and five months as columnist in the magazine,[1][2][3][4] and the following month joined the team The Antagonist.[5]


Felipe Moura Brazil was born in Rio de Janeiro on May 18, 1981. He worked in advertising agencies, filmmakers and media companies. He is co-author of the anthology Contra al juventude (2007), which brings together texts published on the Tribuneiros website. He wrote reviews for Jornal do Brasil between 2008 and 2009. He was the creator of Blog Pim (his nickname) in 2010 and, in that same year, became a contributor to the site Mídia Sem Mascara, created by Olavo de Carvalho. His "Serious Student Sonnet," dedicated to the philosopher, received positive reviews for him in his True Outspeak program on June 20, 2012. According to Felipe, this was the first form he found to thank him for the teachings that illuminated his life.[1][3]

Still in 2012, having also begun to work as Organizer, translator and copidesque of books of Editora Record, he took the initiative to organize the second and greatest thanks of all: the book of Olavo de Carvalho "O mínimo que você precisa saber para não ser um idiota" published in 2013 by Editora Record.[1][3]

With the success of the publications of his former Blog do Pim and other spaces, he was invited to be a blogger on the site of Veja magazine, whose launch was on December 2, 2013. Since then, he has made irreverent analyzes of the essential facts of Politics and culture in Brazil and in the rest of the world, according to his own, "based on Lima Barreto's rule: 'Mock and just mock, so that everything is ridiculous.'" Felipe is also a regular commentator on "Veja Veja" However, in April 2017 announced his departure from the magazine, according to him, due to another proposal of work and despite the insistence of the current company for its permanence.[1][3][4]

In October 2016, it was considered by study of the big Brazilian date Stilingue, the biggest political influencer of Twitter in Brazil.[2] A survey conducted in 2017 by ePoliticSchool (EPS) also lists the journalist among the most influential of social networks in relation to political issues.[6]

In March 2017 he was invited by Prager University in Los Angeles to participate in the recording of a viral video entitled "How Socialism Ruined My Country," which in less than a month accounted for more than three million views. He also participated in the interview and conferences associated with the entity, in which he presented his analysis of the current Brazilian political and cultural framework.[7]

On May 2, 2017, he became a member of The Antagonist's team of journalists.[5]



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