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Felix Bölter

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Felix Bölter
Felix Boelter.jpg
Born 24. Januar 1991
Occupation Policeman, Politician
Twitter @fblfelix

Felix Bölter (* 1991) is Policeofficer of the federal police (Bundespolizei) and a German Intactivist, who spokes on the Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy 2016. Since May 2016, he is Chairman of the National Executive Committee of the Party of the Humanists in Germany.[1]


  • Youtube-logo.png Rede Felix Bölter - MOGiS e.V. - Eine Stimme für Betroffene (May 7, 2016) (Size: 7:34 min.)


  1. - Partei der Humanisten: Felix Bölter

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