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Hans Lindström

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Hans Lindstroem.jpg
Born Jan. 4, 1950
Occupation Artist
URL bonton.se

Hans Lindström (* 1950) is a Swedish cartoonist.

Quote: «Hans Peter Helmer Lindstrom, born Jan. 4, 1950, is a Swedish satirical cartoonist.

His Lindstrom's creations are available in twenty different newspapers and magazines across the country, such as the Daily News, Ernie and The People in the Picture / Kulturfront. He has also released numerous albums.

Lindström's strength is that he understands that see the absurd and comical, even in serious and even deeply tragic situations. He can hardly be said to fit into an ideological box, but takes the liberty to direct his satires in all directions and orientations.

Lindstrom took the Ph.D. in comparative literature in 1993 in Lund, Sweden.» - Google-Translation from swedish Wikipedia: Hans Lindström

Quote: «After regular schooling job as a driver, welders, concrete workers, hospital orderlies, etc.

University studies in the 1980s. Doctor of Philosophy in 1993. Doctoral dissertation in comparative literature laughter to the world of literature, Carlson's publisher.

Left the academic corridors immediately after the defense and began drawing as a livelihood. Rapid provisioning beginning in nowadays kill the daily work.

Signs presently on solid basis, for example, DN, Transportation Worker, Hundsport, Fishing & Hunting, Trucking, The People in the Picture / Kulturfront, Uti our Hage (Comic), Pondus, home's weekly newspaper, Memento (funerary industry newspaper), ETC, ETC. And several advertising free newspapers (in places such as Lund, Växjö, Kalmar, Helsingborg, Jönköping, Norrköping, Linköping). Assignments for industry, book publishers and organizations.

The first compilation album, chopped onions, was published in 1998. Since then, 20 more albums. Lindstrom's twenty-first album came out in spring 2014.

Very busy own website www.bonton.se updated daily.» - Google-Translation from satirarkivet.se

The photo shows a lesbian who leads a boy on a leash, the text reads:
"...when Eva and I wanted to have a child and she got the sperm donor, we have never thought that it could be an animal instead of a girl!" [1]


  1. Böse Karikatur aus Schweden: Folgen einer Samenspende, Nicht-Feminist on October 11, 2015 (Bitter caricature from Sweden: consequences of sperm donation)

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