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How To Wear High Heels Successfully

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How To Wear High Heels Successfully
Jennifer Thomson, London, UK


  1. The legal bit[ext]
  2. Introduction[ext]
  3. Foot Care[ext]
  4. Pros and Cons[ext]
  5. Terms of reference[ext]
  6. Shoe Selection[ext]
  7. Standing[ext]
  8. Sitting[ext]
  9. Training Exercises[ext]
  10. Walking Technique[ext]
  11. Biomechanics of walking in high heels[ext]
  12. Problems and errors[ext]
  13. Walking Style Mistakes[ext]
  14. Slipping[ext]
  15. Toe Jamming[ext]
  16. Twisting[ext]
  17. Tottering[ext]
  18. Sole Pressure[ext]
  19. Shoe Deterioration[ext]
  20. Running[ext]
  21. Turning[ext]
  22. Crouching[ext]
  23. Hills[ext]
  24. Stairs[ext]
  25. Escalators[ext]
  26. Cracks and Grates[ext]
  27. Driving in heels[ext]
  28. Dancing in heels[ext]
  29. Walking surfaces[ext]
  30. Alternation[ext]
  31. Wearing very high Heels[ext]
  32. Foot stretching[ext]
  33. Addiction and Coming Down[ext]
  34. High heel body language[ext]
  35. Sizes and Measurements[ext]
  36. Animated GIF's and Sound files[ext]