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Ingrid Carlqvist

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Founder and editor of Dispatch International
Born November 9, 1960
Occupation Author, Journalist
URL ingridcarlqvist.se
Twitter @ingridcarlqvist

Ingrid Kristina Carlqvist (* 1960) is a Swedish writer, editor and journalist. She is the chairman of the Free Press Society.

Her grandmother was the Socialist MEP Ingeborg Carlqvist. Her parents are divorced and her father has a new family. In 1992 she married a Moroccan, with whom she was married four years.

For a time she gave lectures on how tribunals deal with incest suspicious fathers.

"However, we have the image of the eternal good mother. Father can be any. The view of mother and father parenting is completely different and where we need to think about it. We have received a false picture of the fathers monster." - Ingrid Carlqvist 2010

She founded in 2012 the weekly newspaper Dispatch International[wp], together with the Canadian Bjorn Larsen and Danish Lars Hedegaard[wp].[1][2]

On 9 July 2012, she was a speaker at the European Parliament, whereas the "International Civil Liberties Alliance" (ICLA) has invited critics of Islam from around the world. In her speech, she deplored the Islamization of their country, which began with the Social Democrats Olof Palme[wp] and within a few decades from Sweden made a country that they no longer recognize.[3]






  1. Let your grandchildren know that you did something for freedom, Citizen Times am 29. August 2012 (Interview with Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist about the new multilingual weekly Dispatch International)
  2. According to Carlqvist, she writes extensively about immigration and assimilation problems in Sweden.
  3. Ingrid Carlqvist's tale i Bruxelles: I want my country back, Trykkefrihed on July 11, 2012

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International Civil Liberties Alliance Conference in Brussels on July 9, 2012