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Krista Hunt

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Krista Hunt is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto, Canada.[1]

Krista Hunt coined the term of "embedded feminism". In the same way that the US military employed an embedded media to be deployed with US troops to present a positive message to the listening audience back in the US, so too did they employ an embedded feminism to give this act of imperialism a positive meaning.[2]

Dr. Krista Hunt is also "Postdoctoral Research Fellow" of the "International Secretariat for Human Development":

Krista's teaching and research interests include gender and violence, transnational feminist organizing, post-war on terror reconstruction and development, and the antifeminist politics of contemporary imperialism. She is completing a co-edited volume with Kim Rygiel, entitled (En)Gendering the War on Terror: War Stories and Camouflaged Politics (London: Ashgate, forthcoming Spring 2006).[3]


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