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Make the personal political

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Make the personal political ...

Was bedeutet der Slogan "Das Private ist politisch"?
Regarding the feminism movement: What does the slogan "Make the personal political" mean?
Erin Pizzey
I would hated that slogan. What it realy means, is: You take your personal damage - and one of the thinks is very obious in the very early day of the feminist movement how many of the radical leaders of the movement himselfes had really disturbed backgrounds and where very, very violent - and then you make this political: so if my dad is shit, all men are shit. If you say that, you can do almost anything you like. You can go from the personal and make it political.

So what happend is: sophian groups of women got together to campaign bitterly. The behavior the feminist movement was an mocksman movement on the left of the politics in Britain, who decided that they had enough of working with men on the left and where going thier own incloudes movement. So never grow from the grass roots of the working class womens - that they allways talking about, they wheren't working class women. They was actualy academics, univerity lectures, young women students at very beginning of the feminist movement.

Spreading the hate

mayority women radical feminists had the womens pages male editors left sensorship serious trouble

What are the tactics of feminist women?

highly organized liberation

How far would they go?


  1. Youtube-link-icon.svg Erin Pizzey on Feminism - manwomanmyth (2 November 2011) (Size: 3:26 min.) (Erin Pizzey, author and highly regarded domestic violence expert (who opened the worlds first DV shelter) gives her opinions on the start of the women's movement.)