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Paul Hunt

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Paul Hunt is a gymnastics coach and gymnastics clown. An Illinois native[1], he is from Murray, Utah. He runs Hunt's Gymnastics Academy (a.k.a. Hunt's Gym) in Salt Lake City[wp].[2] Hunt has performed comedic performances of women's gymnastics routines[3], including the uneven bars[4], floor exercises[5], and the balance beam[6] since 1980.[5] He has performed on US and international television[7], including Wide World of Sports and America's Funniest Videos.[8]

Hunt was a competitive men's gymnast at the University of Illinois[4] in the early 1970s.[6] He won the Big Ten Conference individual championship in the floor exercise in 1971[9], and had another win in the floor exercise in 1973.[10] He was the 1972 US-National Floor Exercise champion.[2]

Hunt has been coaching gymnastics in Utah since 1974.[8] While demonstrating a backflip[wp] for a female student, he realized the comic value of a man performing women's gymnastics.[2] He performs his routines during gymnastics competitions for comic relief[wp], wearing a skirted leotard and often calling himself Paulina Huntesque[8], Pauletta Huntenova or some similar variation. Often he would sport his thick mustache.


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