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Philip Davies

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Philip Davies.jpg
Born January 5, 1972
Occupation politician
Information icon.svg Philip Davies is supporting men and boys issues.

Philip Davies (* 1972) has been the Conservative MP for Shipley since 2005. He's a highly regarded advocate for men's rights, the only such MP in the House of Commons. Examples of his work include revealing the substantial gender differences in prison sentencing, in 2012 - video here. On International Men's Day[wp] (2015) he introduced the first parliamentary debate on men's issues - video here.

Quote: «I have also made one other observation on the Committee - we only ever seem to hear evidence from people who all have the same (politically correct) opinions and agenda.

On other select committees, we hear evidence from people with competing opinions and perspectives, and then produce a report after weighing up these different views.

On the Women and Equalities Select Committee, we hear from a never-ending supply of organisations in the equality industry nobody in the real world has ever heard from (I would love to know where they all get their money) but we never hear from anyone at all who thinks this agenda is a load of old nonsense.

This was an observation that didn't go down well with other committee members when I raised it, and was rejected.»[1]



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  2. Conservative MP tries to derail bill protecting women against violence, The Guardian on December 16, 2016 (Philip Davies, an anti-feminist, accused by Labour and Lib Dems of attempting to filibuster bill by talking for too long.)

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