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Richard Duncker

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Richard Duncker.jpg
Occupation Physician
URL mendocomplain.com
Twitter @mendocomplain

Richard Duncker is one of the UK's leading campaigners against medically unnecessary male circumcision.

Quote: «Richard Duncker is a british intactivist, chair of the UK charity, "Genital Autonomy", and founder of "Men Do Complain".

Richard Duncker created the bloodstained suit and wore the first suit in a men do complain demonstration in the UK outside the Department of Health in Whitehall.»[1]

Quote: «Richard Duncker was born in Jamaica, educated in the UK attaining a degree in Fine Art, and has spent most of his working life in editing documentaries and current affairs programmes for TV in the UK. In recent years, he has worked as a snowboard instructor and Yoga teacher, specialising in classes for older people.

In 2004, Richard came across the NORM-UK web site and realised that his negative feelings regarding genital cutting were in fact a normal reaction to a very definite insult. As a victim turned activist, he has used his knowledge of the media to try and raise the profile of an assault on children that should not be tolerated by a society that purports to respect children's rights.»[2]

Logo of Men Do Complain
Circumcision without consent is an assault




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