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Sonja Schmidt

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Sonja Schmidt [...]

Sonja Schmidt about herself

Quote: «For over 20 years Sonja Schmidt worked as a Hollywood Comedy Writer and Producer on networks including FOX, NBC, ABC, The WB, BET, and The Disney Channel with some of Hollywood’s most talented, yet politically maladjusted stars. It was during this time she discovered and revealed she was a registered Republican.

After being kicked out of Hollywood she was asked to try her hand in the political scene where she went on to write, host and produce her own political internet show for Pajamas Media entitled, "Left Exposed". She also performed nation-wide with Evan Sayet's[ext] "Right to Laugh" comedy troupe, tackled the role of Michelle Obama in Laura Ingram's comedy stage production of "The Obama Diaries" and various other characters from the political Left including Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, and Al Sharpton in Ms. Schmidt's two-woman comedy production entitled, "Ladies of the Right".

Her latest book "Left - It!!"[ext] addresses being raised in a family wrought with alcoholism and mental illness, her adventures in Hollywood and the undeniable miracles that occurred along the way which led her being the card-carrying Conservative she is today. On the other end of the spectrum she also authored the fun, easy-to-read children’s book that assuages their fears stoked by the Left about global warming entitled, "Deb and Seby's Real Deal on Global Warming".

Currently Ms. Schmidt writes, hosts, produces and edits two weekly political commentary shows entitled "Just Sayin'", on FaceBook[ext]. She also continues the discussion on, "The Sonja Schmidt Show", weekly on The Range Broadcasting Network[ext] where she interviews a variety of guests to get their take on news, politics, race relations, christian and conservative topics.

As soon as we're able to gather again (post CoVide-19[wp]) she looks forward to continuing speaking engagements, book signings and stand-up comedy!»[1]


  • Youtube-link-icon.svg "DehuMANization" - Stripping away male humanity - ICMI19 (August 16, 2019) (Size: 50:27 min.)
  • Dehumanization is a spirit-crushing tactic not only used against Black men and boys, but men of all races and ages. It's been effective in the past and still being used now. Awareness could be the key to stopping it for future generations of males. Sonja Schmidt creatively exposes how it works, and it's culprits through the telling of one man's dramatic life story and how systematic dehumanizing impacted his life.


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