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Urinal gag

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The urinal gag is a special form of the funnel gag and, in terms of its basic concept, a tube gag which, instead of a unwieldy funnel[wp], has a small container modeled on a urinal[wp], giving the gag its name.

In terms of function, the urinal gag is a combination of a gag and a strap-on urinal.

Product description

The Urinal Ultra Gag from Oxballs consists of a soft, tub-shaped molded face plate made of silicone, which is attached with a strap that is made of textured neoprene. The "container" is shaped like a small cattle waterer trough made of approximately 8mm thick solid rubber but somewhat flexible and measures 135mm wide, 100mm high, 150mm deep and has a maximum capacity of approximately 0.2 liters. The "container" and also the four yellow inserts do not smell or taste of anything. Face plate and tube inserts are made of silicone, are thick and fleshy, but still feel soft and smooth. The pure silicone mouthpiece can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement with another model. The side straps are Velcro adjustable and stretchable to fit most head sizes.[1]

The four mouthpieces consist of:

  • a short tube for beginners. The carrier can clamp to stop the flow when it needs a break or when its thirst is breastfeeding.
  • a long tube that is slightly longer and slightly curved. The liquids are forced to flow into the back of the mouth. Again, the wearer can bite down to stop the flow.
  • a ball gag which is larger, thicker, and fills the mouth. The wearer can still clamp to stop the flow when he needs a break or when his thirst is breastfeeding.
  • a tongue supressor which pushes the tongue down but is open at the top. It floods the mouth with constant flow.

The Tongue Supressor insert smooths the tongue of the wearer and ensures a constant flow of liquid. With this there is no tension or interruption, so it is recommended for experts, veterans and drinking enthusiasts.

Weak points
  • The neoprene-like strap is equipped with attached Velcro straps and tends to tear even with little pull. This is due to the cross seams at the end of the Velcro straps. As a result, the seam acts like a perforation (similar to the famous toilet paper): this is where the greatest forces occur and ensure that the belt crack ganu there. Too bad, because first the part is then no longer to put on.
  • The seat of the too stiff mouthplate is miserable.
  • The urinal gag is interesting in theory, but does not work well in practice. Even though it is well made, it does leak. When tightening the straps, the face plate deforms around the insert (unless the front of your face is perfectly flat, of course) and this makes it leak. No matter what we tried, it always leaked or was too loose. Perhaps a one-piece device would have done it better.
  • Some very small leaking at first.


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