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William Hoffer

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William Hoffer
William Hoffer.jpg
Occupation Author
Spouse Marilyn Mona Hoffer

William Hoffer is an American author.

Quote: «William Hoffer has been spinning out international best-sellers for more than 20 years.

He collaborated with Billy Hayes[wp] to chronicle the exciting escape from a Turkish prison in Midnight Express"Midnight Express"[wp], which was later produced into an Academy Award-winning motion picture starring Brad Davis, John Hurt and Randy Quaid.

William and his wife Marilyn worked with Betty Mahmoody[wp] to write "Not Without My Daughter"[wp], the story of Betty and her daughter's desperate and dangerous escape from Iran. The book became a stunningly successful international phenomenon, and was produced into a motion picture starring Sally Field[wp] and Alfred Molina[wp].

William and Marilyn's "Freefall" is the nail-biting thriller recounting the near-tragedy of Air Canada Flight 174 that ran out of fuel at 41,000 feet. It was produced into a motion picture starring William Devane, Shelley Hack and Mariette Hartley.

The husband-and-wife team's latest book is "Luke Rules", the adventures and misadventures of Luke Wilde, former Marine Corps sniper turned wily and often contrary private investigator who likes to play by his own rules. Luke Rules is the first in a series of Luke Wilde adventures. The new year will bring William Hoffer's 22nd Torch! A New Luke Wilde adventure.»[1]


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  • (with Marilyn Mona Hoffer): Freefall. From 41,000 feet to Zero - A True Story., Grafton Books (HarperCollins), 1991, ISBN 0-586-21065-2[2]
  • (As a ghostwriter for Betty Mahmoody[wp]): Not Without My Daughter, St. Martin's Paperbacks; Mti edition, 1987[3]
  • Volcano. The search for Vesuvius., Summit Books 1982
  • Saved! The Story of the Andrea Doria, the Greatest Sea Rescue in History., Summit Books 1979, ISBN 0-671-40040-1
  • (As a ghostwriter for Billy Hayes[wp]): Midnight Express[wp], Dutton 1977, ISBN 0-525-15605-4[4]


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