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Wirmer flag

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Proposed flag of Germany, 1944. Combines Nordic cross[wp] with Weimar (1848) colours.

The Wirmer flag is a design for a national flag of Germany, which proposed Josef Wirmer[wp], a resistance fighter of 20 July 1944[wp]. Rejected as federal flag from the Parliamentary Council[wp] 1948/49.

Emergence in the resistance against the Nazi regime

Josef Wirmer designed the flag modeled on the Scandinavian cross flag. It should be used after a successful assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler and the takeover of governance by participating civil resistance groups as a new national flag because they did not want to take the black-red-gold flag of the Weimar Republic[wp]. By reference to the flags of the Scandinavian countries and the Christian symbolism and the conservatives among the officers should be addressed. The national colours of Germany black, red and gold[wp] should include the democratic forces. The failure of the resistance by Claus von Stauffenberg[wp] prevented the introduction of the flag.[1]

Use in the resistance against immigration policy

Wirmer flags and Russia flag on Pegida[wp] demonstration in Dresden on April 13, 2015, Flutrinne

Since about 2010, it is used by civil resistance groups (for example Pegida[wp]) against the "largest coalition of all time" and in protest against the immigration policy of Angela Merkel[wp] and mass immigration.[2]


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  2. Sven Felix Kellerhoff: Schwarz-Rot-Gold: Pegida maßt sich das Erbe des 20. Juli an, Die Welt am 20. Januar 2015 (In Pegida[wp] demonstrations always appear flags often, presenting Germany's colors in an unusual manner. The self-proclaimed patriots collect it the idea of ​​a leftist Christian Democrat.)

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