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Anti-Semitism club

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The polemical term Anti-Semitism club describes a reasoning of usually Jewish circumcision advocates to accuse critics of circumcision, circumcision opponents and [[intactivist]s lump-sum anti-semitism.

This club has been swung very sharply in the circumcision debate 2012:


  1. The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann[wp], threatened emigration of all Jews from Germany and called the Chancellor, fractions and prime ministers of all provinces to bring a law "immediately after the summer break" on the way that still allows circumcision. This way he assumed all circumcision critics lump sum to want to create a situation where Jews could not longer live in Germany.[1]
  2. The President of the federation of European rabbis, rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt[wp] from Moscow, put the Cologne judgment in connection with the Nazi ban of the Shechita and calls it "the heaviest attack on Jewish life since the Holocaust". Thus he assumed sweeping all the people who keep the Cologne decision right, Nazis, and thus set politians massively under pressure.[2]
  3. Israel's Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom[wp] said the banning of religious circumcision would mean "Jews out!". He also equates all critics of circumcision with Nazis, thereby pressuring policymakers massively.[3]
  4. Israel's Interior Minister Eli Yishai[wp], head of the strictly religious Shas party[wp], called on Chancellor Merkel to immediately end the criminalisation of circumcision. "Jews in Germany should not be forced to have to choose between compliance with national or divine laws." He assumed all who work for genital self-determination of boys to confront anti-Semitism against the Jewish religion and also called to the fact that Jews in Germany should not stop at national laws.[4]
  5. Israel's President Shimon Peres[wp] called Federal President Gauck[wp] to promote circumcision for religious reasons. "The Brit milah[wp] (circumcision) is a Jewish ritual. Since thousands of years, it is central to Jewish identity and makes a Jew." This way he imputed that all critics of circumcision would not accept to exhibit a Jewish religious tradition over national law, due to their anti-Semitism.[5]
  6. Charlotte Knobloch[wp], former President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, asked very provocative: "Do you want us Jews yet?" and therefore insinuates that all circumcision critics want Jews to leave Germany. This way she set politicians massively under pressure.[6]
  7. The Berlin rabby Yitshak Ehrenberg[wp] mentioned in September 2012 at a rally in Berlin, referring to his recent visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp, the sufferine of one and a half million babies and children torn from their mothers in the murder factories of the Nazis, tortured and murdered - this is the physical destruction, so Ehrenberg. What however now is demanded in Germany that boys should decided at the age of 18 whether they be circumcised or not - Ehrenberg continued - is from a religious perspective even worse than the physical destruction.[7] Thus he not only relativized the Holocaust, but referred all intactivists board as worse than the Nazi SS.
  8. The same Yitshak Ehrenberg said in an N24 interview on October 5, 2012 to Michel Friedman[wp], circumcision critics were primitive, because they believe that they came from the trees of the jungles (monkeys). And because they were all atheists, they are automatically antireligious for him and therefore anti-Semitic.[8]


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