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BME Encyclopedia

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BME Encyclopedia
Logo-BME Encyclopedia.png
Description Internet encyclopedia
Available language(s) english
Launched 1994(?)
Current status unknown
Number of Articles 1,850 (Effective: Mar 22, 2024)
More info
Software MediaWiki
Content license © 1994-2016 by
Owner BMEzine[wp]

The BME Encyclopedia is an online encyclopaedia created in 1994, in conjunction with BME[wp]. Its purpose is to provide a reference tool and documentation on all things related to body modification as well as BME itself.

The encyclopedia is a community project.[1]

BME stands for Body Modification Ezine. BME was founded by Shannon Larratt[wp] in 1994.[2] In May 2008 Laratt posted on BME's blog that he would no longer be working at BMEzine, and that ownership of BMEzine would be transferred to his ex-wife, Rachel Larratt.[3] Shannon Larratt (* 1973) passed away on March 15, 2013.[4][5]

The BME Encyclopedia is officially copyright 1994-2016 by, with individual entries having shared copyright between BME and the entry's author(s).[6]


The BME site is blocked by many Internet filtering services intended to protect children (and workplaces), for reasons such as nudity, torture, and other adult content. It was banned by Germany's Bundesprüfstelle für jugend­gefährdende Medien in 1999 as a "danger to the youth" because BME did not include age verification or an entrance page warning users of potential adult content.[7] In December 2005, the German agency forced Google to remove the site from search results returned by[8]

Shannon Larratt writes in

Quote: «When Germany came after BME for "endangering the youth" and demanded that I make changes to the site to comply with German law, my response was to simply not visit Germany again (and I'm a German citizen). When the US started to pressure us, we moved all of our servers and presence out of the country and backed off on plans to live in the US. No changes were ever made to the site, and no images were ever removed - if anything, the pressure made me push those areas even more.

BME and I had this response because we believe in the content, we believe we are doing the right thing, and we're not going to be strong armed into violating what we believe in. Rachel and I have blown a lot of money and time in order to keep this site running the way we believe is ethical, and when that's been in conflict with the law, rather than change the site and violate our ethics, we've fought those laws both with legal action and by uprooting the site and our lives to protect BME.»[9]


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