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Booty call

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In a booty-call relationship, a couple meets on repeated occasions specifically for the purpose of having sex. An encounter is initiated when one of them calls or texts the other requesting a meeting. The expression "Netflix and chill?" has become a catchphrase for a booty-call request. The booty-call relationship differs from Friends With Benefits, in that FWBs also socialize with each other and enjoy each other's company even in non-sexual situations. A booty-call relationship, in contrast, is strictly sexual, with little or no emotional attachment.

Booty-call relationships share features with both short- and long-term[tiw] mating strategies. Like short-term relationships[tiw], the focus is on sex to the exclusion of any social or emotional component. But unlike one-night stands[wp], booty calls involve repeated encounters with the same partner.[1]


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