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Daniel Amneus

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Daniel Amneus
Author of The Case for Father Custody (1999)
Lived October 15, 1919-December 18, 2003
Occupation Author

Daniel Amneus (1919-2003) was professor of English (Emeritus) at California State University in Los Angeles. His speciality was Shakespearean[wp] textual criticism. Dan Amneus was married and divorced twice. He had two children and two grand children. Daniel Amneus, Ph D, was the only man listed in WHO'S WHO OF AMERICAN WOMEN[wp]. Richard Doyle[wp], Editor of the Liberator, Author of the Book, The Rape of the Male, and President of Men's Defense Association says that, "Amneus is the leading theoretician and articulator of the fathers' rights (and men's rights) movement."


  • Back to Patriarchy, Arlington House 1979, ISBN 0-87000436-0, 221 pages
  • The Case for Father Custody, Primrose Press 1999, ISBN 0-9610864-6-7, 431 pages [1]
  • The Garbage Generation, Primrose Press 1990, ISBN 0-9610864-5-9, 298 pages [2][3][4]
  • The War Against Patriarchy, Essay 1997 (Facts about how government, marxism and feminism work for the destruction of the family.)[5]


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