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Dindu nuffin at work.[1]

The term dindu means an innocent African-American, a description used by the family members of criminal African-Americans who din do nuffin.

Dindu is a slurred form of "[I] didn't do [nothing]".[2] Also dindu nuffin from "[I] didn't do nothin[g]", a stereotypical protestation of innocence.[3]

Quote: «A Dindu or Dindu Nuffin is a term used on the alt-right based on the phrase "didn't do nothing." The Dindu has become associated with violent criminals and thugs caught or shot by police and then portrayed as innocents by the media, but are later revealed to have fled the scene of a violent crime or who had a long history of violent crime before the confrontation that seals their victimhood - Kings Wiki[4]


"Those dindus are acting up in Detroit again."
"Mike Brown and Trayvon Marin are the epitome of dindus."


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